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Deep-Dive into the Agile Contract Manifesto (Part 1/4)

Why an Agile Contracts Manifesto? Why did we choose the values and principles that we did? What do the values and principles really mean? Karsten Eskelund, […]

FAQ about the Agile Contracts Manifesto

As we start to share the Agile Contract Manifesto (ACM), I get a lot of questions. Why another manifesto? Who Is it for? What can you […]

Don’t fight it, guide it

“What does wearing a mask select for?” This provocative question led me to rethink my view on wearing masks. I was really surprised when I realized […]

The Agile Contract Manifesto

We are uncovering better ways of aligning contracts with agile collaboration by doing it and helping others to do it. Through our work we have come […]

Introducing the Agile Contract Manifesto

Invitation to an Interactive Discussion with Peter Stevens, Mirko Kleiner and Karsten Eskelund Update: The Agile Contract Manifesto website is now live! You too can sign […]

Introducing the Chief Agility Officer

An Agile Transformation restructures the company to optimize for speed and value production. The Chief Agility Officer is accountable.

Beyond the Hero – Day 2 at the World Agility Forum

The World Agility Forum is a celebration of people and companies applying agility to further their goals, and a critical examination of the challenges facing modern […]

Learnings, Celebration, and a Call to Action at the World Agility Forum

Day one of the World Agility Forum (WAF) has been a day of rich learnings for anybody in business, leading a business or who wants to […]

You lost your job, now what?

It is hard to find a new job these days, especially when you don’t currently have one. It has gotten so easy to apply for a […]