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What if work-from-home is here to stay?

Zurich Fintech Numbrs just announced that working from home will continue after the end of the Coronavirus lockdown because productivity is better. I have heard that […]

How did the dopamine detox go?

Last week, I decided a decided that a dopamine detox would be good thing. It was too easy to get distracted, too hard to get actual […]
Cover of Video How I Tricked My Brain To Like Doing Hard Things (dopamine detox)

Do you need a dopamine detox?

“What books do you read?” This question caught me a bit by surprise during my talk on how I found direction and purpose during the Corona […]

Finding orientation in a chaotic world

The 6th question of Personal Agility is “Who can help?” and now I know why. A few weeks ago, Maria Matarelli (my partner in the Personal […]

How are we responding to the Corona Virus for our upcoming Scrum classes

Scrum for Hardware Expert and WIKISPEED founder Joe Justice has confirmed that he is coming to Switzerland next week to teach the XM Extreme Manufacturing workshop. I am looking […]

Top Project Risk Number 1: Delivery Risk

Will I get anything usable at all? Ninety percent of the time and money allocated for your project have been used up. Yesterday your project leadership […]

Top Project Risk Number 2: Time and Budget Risk

“Will it be ready for Christmas?”  Just about every client I ever met has wanted to know the answer to this question. Will it be delivered […]

Top Project Risk Number 3: Scope Risk

Will I get everything I asked for? Imagine it is Saturday, your spouse is about to go out somewhere with the car, and you need groceries. […]

Top Project Risk Number 4: Market Risk

If we build it, will people use it or buy it? Building a product that no-one wants is a great way to lose your entire investment. […]