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Q: What is the purpose of this agreement?

A: Many questions arise about your participation in our online courses. Online training is any course or workshop delivered primarily through the Internet that includes live broadcast content.

This agreement seeks to answer your questions, so you and we know what to expect from each other during and after your online course with us. “You” includes the participant, the entity or person who registers the participant and/or pays the participant’s invoice. “We” refers to Saat Network GmbH.

These terms, which you accepted when you registered for our online training, define the complete conditions governing your participation in our online training courses. Any other terms and conditions you might have, including your standard purchasing conditions, are only valid if agreed to in writing on physical paper by us.

These terms do not cover other products and services of Saat Network GmbH

Q: How do you register?

A: You register online on our website. You agree to provide correct, complete, and up-to-date information necessary for processing and invoicing your registration. A valid email address is required to correspond with you. Your registration will be processed electronically on our own systems and/or on “cloud” services, which may or may not be located in Switzerland.

Q: What happens to the data collected when you register?

A: You agree that we may process your registration as described and that we may share this information with partners if necessary for processing your registration or holding the course. Correspondence with you is by normal email. Other uses, including transmission to a certification body for certification purposes or further communication with you after the completion of course, require your explicit approval unless we are compelled to do so by law. Saat Network GmbH does not make customer data available to third parties for marketing purposes.

If you registered multiple participants, we need your final list of participants and their email addresses 4 business days before the training begins.

Q. When is payment due? What price is applicable?

A. Your payment is due with your registration. The published price less any applicable discount at the time of your registration is the price you will be invoiced. We can only grant you access to training materials after we have received your payment.

We may offer discounts on regular course fees. To qualify for the discount, you must claim the discount when you register. Published discounts are subject to change without notice. If you qualify for multiple discounts, the discount that applies is the one most beneficial to you. Discounts do not accumulate. If you qualify for a discount based on membership in an association, you give us permission to verify with the association that you are a member in good standing.

Depending on the payment method you choose, a service charge may apply.

Q. How does the money back guarantee work?

A: If you are dissatisfied with the training for any reason, you may cancel your registration and get a full refund. The refund deadline is 15 days after the start date of your training. If you take a refund, you lose access to all services, materials and other rights and privileges granted to our course participants.

To qualify for a refund you must have participated in at least the first session. If you are part of a group registration, this guarantee applies to the whole group, not to individual participants. To request a refund, please contact us at https://saat-network.ch/contact/ before the refund deadline.

Q: What happens if you miss a session?

A: All sessions are recorded and made available to the course community a day later, so you can easily retake a missed lesson. There are no refunds for missing a session.

Q: Can you postpone, substitute someone else or cancel completely?

A: Our primary goal is happy customers; so if you have an issue, please contact us!

We generally offer our courses several times each year. Unless otherwise noted in your ticket, you can retake the course at any time, so postponing is always possible. Lessons are recorded, so it also possible to continue at your own pace.

The deadline for cancellations and substitutions is 4 business days before the training begins.
You can cancel your participation or substitute someone else for you any time before the cancellation deadline. There is no charge for substitutions.

If you cancel within 48 hours of registering, we will refund the full amount paid. If you cancel more than 48 hours after you registered and before the cancellation deadline, we will refund the amount paid, less a processing fee of CHF 125 or 3% of the invoiced amount, whichever is higher, to cover our transaction costs.

After the cancellation deadline, there are no refunds for not attending a workshop or a session.

To request a cancellation or substitution, please contact us at https://saat-network.ch/contact/ before the cancellation deadline.

Q: Can I book with confidence?

A: If our system is offering you a ticket, you can book with confidence that course will be held. You will receive a confirmation shortly after booking. We don’t cancel courses due to low participation.

We do reserve the right to reschedule or cancel without notice courses that have no registrations.
Extraordinary events may prevent holding an individual session as planned, in which case we will notify you as early as possible and arrange an alternative date.

Q: What is included in the training?

A: The course duration, price, goals, content, audience, prerequisites and other details are explained on course description on our website. The course price includes handouts, materials and use of relevant IT systems.

Unless explicitly stated, meals, travel and hotel are not included in the course fees.

Q: Can I get a certificate of participation?

A: It is hard for us to verify your actual effort in an online course. If you require a certificate of participation, please contact us before the start of the course.

Q: What is the copyright status of the session recordings?

A: We record the sessions for reuse in your course, for use in future courses, and for promotional purposes. Your name, voice or image may be recorded. You grant us permanent, non-revocable permission to make and reuse the recordings and grant us exclusive copyright on such materials.

Q: What is the copyright status of my contributions to the community forums?

A: Your posts belong to you. We manage our own community service to guarantee that your privacy is properly respected. We will not republish anything you post on the community server without your permission.

The community server has its own term and conditions and privacy policy. See www.MyPersonalAgility.org for details.

Q: What is the copyright status of material we make available to you?

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all course materials that we provide are under copyright by Saat Network GmbH or someone else and are made available for your use only. The materials are made available to you for your personal use. Without written permission from Saat Network GmbH, course materials under copyright, including associated text, photos etc., may not be used for other purposes, internal or external.

Unless otherwise indicated, all materials are intellectual property of Peter Stevens, Saat Network GmbH

Q: Do we use third party services to deliver your course?

A: Yes we do. Currently we use external providers to deliver course materials to you, both for live and for prepared materials. You may need an account to access these services. We have no control over them make no warrantee related to their services.

Q: How do we correspond with you?

A. You agree to receive your invoice and other correspondence electronically. On request a paper copy of the invoice can be can be sent by traditional mail. A service fee may apply.

Q: What is our Civil Liability?

A: Like everyone else, we exclude Civil Liability to limits permitted by Swiss Law.

If a course cannot be held due to an Act of God (e.g. Sickness or Accident involving the instructor), the liability of Saat Network GmbH for your expenses is limited to a maximum of CHF 100.– per person.

In no case shall we be held liable for travel expenses or other third party fees arising as a result of cancellation or rescheduling or an event which was communicated in due time.

Q: Can this agreement change?

We see this agreement as the answers to questions relevant to our courses and our current situation. In general, your registration is governed by the version of this agreement that in effect at the time you registered.

If new questions come up, we reserve the right to answer those questions and those answers are binding. If the situation changes, we reserve the right to change these conditions without notice.

The current conditions are published on our website.

Q: What happens if this agreement is incomplete or invalid?

A: Should any part of these Terms and Conditions be found to be incomplete or invalid, you and we agree to replace or complement the missing or invalid clauses with an appropriate solution that preserves the economic purpose of this agreement to the extent possible. The remaining conditions remain valid in any case.

Q: If there is a dispute, what happens?

This agreement is subject exclusively to Swiss Law. The venue for any disputes arising out of this agreement is CH-6300 Zug.

This is Version 170310 The Initial version for online courses