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Who should get Scrum Training?

“who needs Scrum Training? Basically everyone…” Scrum is a complete redefinition of how we coordinate complex work. It represents a major change in vales and mindset. Everyone involved needs to understand this change, the new mindset, and their rights and responsibilities in the new system. Introducing train-the-team-pricing so everyone can get the training they need!...


Why partner with Peter Stevens on Scrum?

I would not have believed that a three day training could have such a huge impact! Dear Reader, There are a lot of Scrum Courses and Scrum Coaches out there. Scrum is Scrum, right? So why should you partner with me, Peter Stevens, to learn Scrum and get better at it? To answer this question,...


New: Problem Solving with Scrum

New: Scrum bei uns Problem Solving Workshop. A one-day workshop to identify solutions to the hard impediments in your organization! Free together with a Certified Scrum Master course! How am I going to make this work in my company? This is the biggest question that fresh Scrum Masters have after the CSM course. To help you answer...