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Sprint Planning 1

What is the best possible step forwards? At the beginning of each sprint, the Scrum team and product owner negotiate the scope of the sprint. They have a limited amount of time to discuss and agree on the sprint backlog. The product owner wants functionality implemented properly and to invest development dollars wisely. The team...


Skip the Daily Scrum? No Thank You!

A frequent question is whether it would be OK to make the Daily Scrum a Weekly Scrum? My answer: No way! The Daily Scrum exists to enable self organization. It helps the team focus, communicate and identify impediments. The team members communicate to each other their progress, goals and impediments. The team members identify how...


How to Hold the Daily Scrum

Scrum is simple and Scrum is hard. The Daily Scrum is simple daily routine to help the team self-organize, focus, and identify and eliminate impediments to progress. How do you conduct the Daily Scrum and how do you know if the Daily Scrum is achieving its purpose? When and Where to hold the Daily Scrum...

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