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Z is for Zukunftstag (#AgileFutureDay)

Agile is changing the world, but our schools are still preparing kids for the way world used to be. Would you like your kids to learn […]

A is for Agile… and changing the world

We are uncovering better ways of developing software, by doing it and helping others to do it… — The Manifesto for Agile Software Development  In 2001, […]

Scrum Framework, or how do you do Scrum?

Last post I wrote, “Scrum is a simple, team-based framework for solving complex problems.” How does the Scrum framework actually work? Scrum is modelled on successful […]

What is Scrum?

The Scrum trainer and coaches community is working on a revision of Core Scrum. It is a passionate group, and each member feels passionate about Scrum. […]

Agile Scientific Research?

We’re doing research. We don’t have a customer telling us what to build. Can we do Scrum? What do we put in the backlog? Sometimes questions […]

Stoos, Lean, Agile & Scrum Events in Switzerland – April/May

I have long published upcoming Scrum Breakfasts either on my blog or in my newsletter. As the community gets bigger, it is hard to keep track […]

How do I do #Stoos in my company?

Monday, Steve Denning and I held our Monthly Mashup webinar dedicated to the question, “What is Stoos?” If you haven’t followed the linkedin discussion, I urge […]

#stoos: Global Management Warming Starts in Switzerland

W. Edwards Deming wrote decades ago that bonuses are bad for business. But most managers around the world are still using them. Peter F. Drucker said […]

Agile Software Development or Radical Management?

In any case, an idea who’s time has come! Steve Denning, recently wrote a 5 part series of articles on the blog: Why Amazon Can’t […]


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