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What’s a good spike?

Problem: Our forum has some unpleasant limitations. In particular, pasting formatted text into a forum post from Outlook (and possibly other sources) produces weird and wonderful […]

The Three Faces of Done

How can you expect me to test it if it’s not done?! I hear this question a lot from people just starting out with Scrum. What […]

A failed Sprint Review

Do your sprints look anything like this: In Sprint Planning 1, the team commits to implementing 8 stories and fixing 2 bugs (open issues identified in […]

How do you do Scrum in a regulated environment?

I hear this question often from people in the pharmaceutical branch, air traffic control, banking and finance – any place where strict regulatory compliance is required, […]

Sample Definition of Done

Why does Scrum have a Definition of Done? Simple, everyone involved in the project needs to know and understand what Done means. Furthermore, Done should be really […]

Nokia Test Results: Is anybody really doing Scrum?

Last week, I challenged the Scrum community to take the Nokia Test: a Scrum litmus test to deterimine whether a team is agile and doing Scrum. […]

Thought of the day: The Lean Definition of Done.

Under Scrum, one of the first questions the Team has to answer is: When is a task done? A related question is when is the project […]

Fingerspell Flashcards – Done :-)

Done. This brings me to my own little pet project, the FingerSpell Flashcards. I have a hobby. Sign Language. There is really no reason for me […]

It’s Done! (or is it?)

A few weeks ago, jp pointed me to an interesting article about the various levels of done: “A feature is not “done” until all of the […]