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Agile Contracting for Internal and External Projects

How can you combine agile development with constraints of contracts and regulations? International, virtual teams are more and more the rule in software development projects. Customers, […]

Podium for November LAS in Switzerland Event

Earlier, I announced the LAS November Event on Lean & Scrum in Switzerland. (Just a reminder: Dagmar Gawenda will present the Pull Principle: Lean Production at […]

From Pointy Haired Boss to ScrumMaster

Why doesn’t everybody do Scrum? This is my favorite question to see on the feedback forms after a public talk about Scrum. It showed up again […]

Swiss Lean Agile Scrum Event: Call for Participation

Mark your calendars: Zurich, June 4. 2009. Under the motto of ‘Beyond the Hype, Agile in Practice’, the SwissICT Lean Agile Scrum Group is organizing its […]

German Scrum Meeting

The German Scrum Group (“deutschescrum”) is holding a get together in Munich next Friday, July 11. A full program of talks and discussions is planned, so […]


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