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An invitation to join a learning consortium

As many of you know, I have been working with Steve Denning, author of Radical Management, unofficial speaker for the Drucker Forum, and Member of the […]

A is for Agile… and changing the world

We are uncovering better ways of developing software, by doing it and helping others to do it… — The Manifesto for Agile Software Development  In 2001, […]

Stoos, Lean, Agile & Scrum Events in Switzerland – April/May

I have long published upcoming Scrum Breakfasts either on my blog or in my newsletter. As the community gets bigger, it is hard to keep track […]

Join Stoos Connect in Zurich

…or around the world!! Join Dan Pink, Steve Denning, Joe Justice, Franz Röösli, Jurgen Appelo and many other speakers as we respond to the Stoos Communique. It all started […]

How do I do #Stoos in my company?

Monday, Steve Denning and I held our Monthly Mashup webinar dedicated to the question, “What is Stoos?” If you haven’t followed the linkedin discussion, I urge […]

A Manifesto for #Stoos Movement?

I have asked whether Stoos needs a Manifesto twice, once just before the first Stoos Gathering (on the Stoos), and once again about three months after […]

Announcing the Happiness App

… and I am looking for beta testers and early adopters! The HappinessApptm enables you to collect, log and share information about your happiness, save it […]

From a Blame Culture to Fearless Trust

As a manager, you understand the second principle of Radical Management: your role is changing from being a controller of people to an enabler of teams. […]

Video Introducing #Stoos to the Scrum Breakfast

Yesterday, the LAS Coreteam organized its first Scrum Breakfast without me. To fill in the spot left by the thought for the day, Kai asked me […]


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