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#Stoos: The past is no longer a proxy for the future

Deb Hartmann interviews Rod Collins, author of Leadership in a Wiki World: Or you can watch it on youtube…

Videos on the #Stoos Gathering

@jaycross has posted an awesome video on youtube which provides some insight into what we talked about, the first draft of the statement, and how we […]

#Stoos and the Prime Directive

When I read some of the postings on twitter about the #Stoos Gathering, I wish I could shout to everyone, “Stop! Remember the Prime Directive. Everyone […]

Invitation to a cool event (later known as #Stoos)

So began our efforts to bring together an interesting group of people. Now that the Stoos Gathering is history, the Stoos Network is getting started, and […]

Communiqué from the #Stoos Gathering

It was intense team work, all the way to the end, but the Stoos Network is now online: Statement from #Stoos gathering online: tmpurl: realurl: […]

Toasting Management in #stoos? Anstossen or anstoosen?

In ten days or so, barring bad weather or last minute emergencies, some 22 thought leaders, idea farmers, managers, agilists, community leaders or otherwise interesting people […]

Towards an ‘Agile Manifesto’ for Leadership at Stoos?

The Agile Manifesto has been the basis of a shared identity for software developers for over 10 years. A diverse group of people – the thought […]

More ideas on How To Start Global Managment Warming in #Stoos

The interest is great, and feedback equally so. Today feedback from: Sigi Kaltenegger on whether a big gesture will be helpful Scott C. Schuck on learning […]

Ideas on How to Start Global Management Warming in #stoos

Our call for help in preparation for the #Stoos Gathering has spurred much discussion throughout the web (see also here and here). Today feedback from Andreas […]


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