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CST Mentorship Network

We are uncovering better ways of teaching Scrum, by doing it and helping others to do it…!

Do you want to become a Certified Scrum Trainer?¬†Imagine being part of a community that wants to help you become a great trainer… where you can ask questions, develop skills, and prepare your candidacy effectively. What would that be like? How would it help you improve?

Becoming a CST is long process which requires you to demonstrate both your knowledge of Scrum and your ability to teach Scrum to the satisfaction of the Scrum Alliance Trainer Acceptance Committee (TAC). Some would say it’s a political process (though I think it is trying not to be). Many trainers resist working with “padawans” — aspiring CSTs, out of fear of competition, lack of interest or lack of time. Until now.

Peter Stevens, Saat Network, Services
Peter Stevens, Entrepreneur and Scrum Trainer

I started training people to do Scrum with my first Scrum Project, back in 2006. I first applied to become a CST back in 2009. It took me four tries before they finally accepted me. Much of that was due to the difficult situation of the ancien regime, but today the Scrum Alliance is a vibrant, healthy organization, and I am proud to be a CST.

Becoming a CST is still difficult, and the level expected of a new CST is probably higher than ever before, but the process is no longer political… well, at least it is much less political than used to be.

I want to help people get through process as quickly and effectively as possible. I want you to become a great CST!

After a couple of attempts on an ad-hoc basis, with both successes and failures, I believe the best way to mentor CST-aspirants is to activate them to become great trainers. This is best accomplished through a network, which is now part of the Scrum Breakfast Club.


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