About Peter B. Stevens

Helping You Get Better at What You Do!

Executives come to me to achieve their corporate initiatives faster than they ever thought possible!

Peter B. Stevens is an Executive, Coach, Author, and Certified Scrum Trainer. He is best known as the creator of the Personal Agility System, the simple, scalable approach to effective leadership. Collaborating with Joe Justice, he documented and defined the principles of Extreme Manufacturing, the technical foundation of Scrum for Hardware. 

I believe most people want to get better at what they do. What the agile movement seems to have forgotten is that agility is about getting better and solving challenges to be more successful in business.

Peter takes a pragmatic approach to agility. Scrum, Extreme Manufacturing, Kanban, and other methods were all created by people to solve their problems more effectively. But at the heart of all these methods is a culture of effective communication and collaboration.

Peter's mission is to help organizations master the challenges of today's fast-paced, complex world. He does that by helping you get better at achieving long-term goals, react to change effectively and efficiently.

Peter has taught Scrum, the Agile mindset, and related practices to thousands of developers, project leaders, product managers, and line managers. His customers include many well known organizations in Switzerland and beyond. In 2012, he co-initiated the Stoos Network to rethink management and in 2015, Peter founded the Scrum Breakfast Club with the objective of establishing a network for learning, networking and deepening understanding of Scrum and related movements.

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