The workshop is intended for executives, their direct reports, as well as employees, partners and suppliers from key planning, approval, and funding functions. Participation is for individuals and for entire business units.

Agile Hardware Development represents the competitive way to run your business today

Scrum for Full Scale Manufacturing is an Agile discipline that combines Scrum with modular architecture and Lean/XP practices. This framework enables those who work with hardware to enjoy the same benefits that agile software Teams have enjoyed for decades. This course builds on the core practices presented in the Scrum in Hardware guide.

How do you know if this workshop is for you? Would you like...
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased speed to market
  • Higher reliability
  • Reduced business risk
  • Lower cost of change
This course is ideal if you need:
  • to improve compliance transparency, operating result and return on sales by leading or operating inside an agile hardware organization
  • domain-specific skills required to reduce delivery risk and improve commercial success and engagement
  • to address challenges in design, engineering, production, engineering, test, procurement, finance, and marketing across each development milestone and approval gate

The course is intended for executives, their direct reports, as well as employees, partners and suppliers from key planning, approval, and funding functions. Participation is for individuals and for entire business units.

Our course is appropriate for all levels of business agility skills and there are no prerequisites for attending. A Certified Scrum Master course is recommended.

What you get

In this program you get access to:

  • Two-day face-to-face training with Joe Justice and Peter Stevens, Certified Scrum Trainers®
  • Participant's handbook in printed and electronic form with content and exercises
  • Access to repository of course materials, templates, checklists, guides & useful information
  • 16 SEUs/PDUs
  • Lunches and breaks
  • Certification and Test Fees
  • Recommendation to the Agile Business Institute to take the Agile Hardware Professional test (if you are present in body and mind for the entire class)
  • Certificate of attendance

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Select the package which meets your needs

  No-Frills Standard Economy
Description Lowest Price, No changes, no refunds Booking Flexibility
Cancellation allowed No Up to 15 days before the workshop, full refund*
Change of participant allowed No up to 3 days before workshop, no charge
Postponement to a later date allowed No Up to 15 days before the workshop, subject to availability, no charge*
Certification and Test Fees Included Included
Printed Course Book Yes, Full Color Yes, Full Color
Electronic Course Materials Yes Yes
Lunch provided at the Venue Yes Yes
Advance Purchase Required 2 months/1 month 1 day
Payment terms 15 days 30 days
Payment with Purchase Order No Service Charge Applies
Electronic access to all course materials Yes Yes
Discounts Apply No Yes
Train The Team Discounts No Yes
Price (per person, excluding VAT) CHF 2'050.-- (book at least 2 months in advance)
CHF 2'350.-- (book at least 1 month in advance)
CHF 2'650.--

Discounts may apply to Standard Economy tickets. To qualify for a discounted price, on time payment by the date stated in the invoice is required.

Discounts on two-day classes and workshops

We grant discounts of CHF 400 to Students, Unemployed, swissICT members, participants paying with their own money, and Mentoring group members on all tickets except "No Frills". We also grant "Train the Team" discounts on Standard Economy Packages, depending on the number of people booked and invoiced together:

  • 3 to 6 people: CHF 400.-- per person
  • 7 to 9 people: CHF 500.-- per person
  • 10 or more people: CHF 600.-- per person

To qualify for a train-the-team discount, all participants must be booked at the same time. If after your initial booking, you wish to book additional participants to the same class, the same discount will be applied as for your initial booking.

* Note: Cancellation is not allowed and postponement is limited if a train the team discount was applied.

In general, if multiple discounts would apply, only the most beneficial discount will be applied.

Your benefits

After this workshop you and your attendees will be able to...

  • make business commitments that are responsible and likely to be achieved
  • manage, iterate, and deliver their commitment with the least overhead
  • decide which types of executive intervention and timing they must request to have the most positive business impact for the least effort

Your intended team consists of two prominent international figures of the Agile world: Joe Justice, Agile Business authority, and Peter Stevens, Swiss Agile pioneer.

Joe Justice has worked in Tesla, Toyota, Ford, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bosch, Saab, MAN, the US Air Force, the Australian Army, and their suppliers, among others. He also worked in the technology giants HP, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Cisco, and their partners. He has been referenced in the Harvard Business Review, CNN Money, Forbes, The Asahi Shimbun and Nikkei in Japan, and mainstream financial news coverage globally.

Peter_Stevens-Life-is-the-Sea-450x300Peter Stevens has coached senior executives, business founders, and all levels of management in companies ranging from Startups to 200-year-old institutions. His teaching has inspired thousands to become more agile in Switzerland, Europe, India, and Asia. Founder of the Personal Agility Institute and the World Agility Forum, he is the author of two books on Agility, Ten Agile Contracts: Creating The Right Relationship Between Sourcing and Development, and Personal Agility: Hope For The Overworked.

The course includes topics specific to:

  • injection molding
  • small and large electronics
  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • petrochemicals
  • infrastructure
  • plant design
  • supplier management and procurement
  • compliance reviews
  • test lab management
  • design team acceleration
  • production engineering enhancement
  • and all key deliverables of a high speed, compliant and predictable agile hardware organization

Topics will be tailored to the class attendees.

What do recent participants say about Peter Stevens?

Participants are enthusiastic! Net Promoter Score from October 2013 to April 2014: +63%! (Read more about my commitment to top quality courses!). Here's a selection of recent comments:

Scrum Product Owner Roles

Interactive learning helps you genuinely understand Scrum

Scrum Product Owner Training. Create an analogue version of the product you wish to create.

Creating an"analogue version" of a cool new product -- yours!

Take home many "A-Ha!" moments as you figure out why Scrum works the way it does!

Take home many "A-Ha!" moments as you figure out the why of Scrum!

You'll leave the course with clear ideas on what & how to improve!

You'll leave the course with clear ideas on what & how to improve!

  • Experienced trainer, well-working course, good food for thought¨ -- Roland Lüthi in Zürich, August 2018
  • I thought the class size, room and hotel worked really well. Along with the materials I feel like I received value for money all things considered. -- Richard Kearney in Zürich, July 2018
  • It was an amazing class. I learn a lot about scrum. -- Meera Kaneswaran in Zürich, June 2018
  • Thanks peter ! You are a great mentor, I wish to connect with you in future. -- Rahul Rajpal in Delhi, April 2018
  • Great organizing and outstanding expert. -- Naveen Shekar in Bangalore, April 2018
  • Thanks for a great 3 days - money and time well spent! -- participant in Zurich, March 2018
  • Thank you for these amazing three days. -- Stefan Steiner in Zurich, March 2018
  • I learned A LOT in these three intense days! It was well organized and the program was very diversified. I found the exchanges with the pairing partner very helpful for the learning process. Thank you, Peter! -- participant in Bern, January 2018
  • I enjoyed the course and feel its time well invested.-- participant in Zürich, February 2018


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