Extreme Manufacturing Explained


If you’re not the CEO, give up. It’s hopeless. Unless…

This book explains the principles that can transform your company from a lumbering oil tanker to an agile speedboat.

  • XM Principle 1: Optimize for change
  • XM Principle 2: Object-Oriented, Modular Architecture
  • XM Principle 3: Test-Driven Development
  • XM Principle 4: Contract-First Design
  • XM Principle 5: Iterate the Design
  • XM Principle 6: Agile Hardware Design Patterns
  • XM Principle 7: Continuous Integration Development
  • XM Principle 8: Continuously Deployed Development
  • XM Principle 9: Scaling Patterns
  • XM Principle 10: Partner Patterns

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In 2013, Joe Justice and I taught the the first class in Scrum and Extreme Manufacturing. Since then, Joe has been working with top leaders in manufacturing companies around the world, particular in Aviation and Automotive areas.

How quickly can your company bring a new product to market? Weeks, months or years? How quickly can you deliver updated versions of your product to your customers. Today, the state of the art is measured in weeks. Agility promises huge competitive advantages to companies that adopt it, but will require board-level decisions to take advantage of the potential. This book gives you the principles you need to apply to achieve those advantages.

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