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We are staying virtual. Although it is (currently) possible to go back to the office, the authorities recommend work at home if you can. We can, and the experience has been great. Until we have confidence that the virus is defeated, will will stick with live, online classes. Check this guide for information about getting ready for an online class.

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Check the course listings for special prices in Zurich that are valid until April 29!

PARP Certification Program (North American to Europe) 211018P-PAS

PARP Certification Program (North American to Europe) 211018P-PAS

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Picture of Personal Agility Recognized Ambassadors and Trainers, November 2020

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Case Study: Finding the right job through focus, clarity and direction

Sara A. (name changed) started working with me while being supported by the regional unemployment office (“RAV” as it’s known here in Switzerland) in her efforts […]