15 – 16 Certified Scrum Master [190415-CSM]
Mon, 09:00 - 18:00
Festo C.T.E. srl, Via E. Fermi 36/38

03 Personal Agility System [190503-PAS] (german)
Fri, 09:00 - 18:00
Daycrunch Uraniastrasse, Uraniastrasse 9


Why Peter Stevens?

Leading or becoming an Agile Organization?

Leading product development with Scrum?

Creating high performance teams?

Becoming a certified Scrum Trainer?





Why Agile?

The following Whitepaper will help you to understand, how Agile & Scrum can help you to achieve a high performance organization.


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Get Stuff Done
Scrum Mastery

The basic skill of a development team is to reliably deliver value to the organization. Learn how with Scrum training.

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Get Right Stuff Done
Scrum Product Ownership

Product Owners maximize the value of the work done by their teams. Learn to minimize risks and work with team effectively!

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Create Alignment
Personal Agility

Want more impact at work? Want more satisfaction in life? Personal Agility is a simple framework for doing what matters.

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Leadership Circles

Transitioning to Agile or Scrum? Want to leverage your Agile training? Get help from Peter and other practitioners!

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