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Module 1 | Self-Leadership with Personal Agility |  June 6-7, 2023

Module 1 | Self-Leadership with Personal Agility |  June 6-7, 2023

Personal Agility - Your Road to Freedom and Success! Start becoming the person you want to. Achieve your goals. Deal...

  • Peter Stevens
  • Zurich / Switzerland
  • 06 June 2023 CET
Certified Scrum Product Owner | Face-2-Face | English | Jun 29-30, 2023

Certified Scrum Product Owner | Face-2-Face | English | Jun 29-30, 2023

Learn to Lead a Scrum Team to Create Valuable Products with Peter B. Stevens. Discover Product Ownership as it was...

  • Peter Stevens
  • Zürich / Switzerland
  • 29 June 2023
Certified Scrum Master | Face-2-Face | English | Jul 06-07, 2023

Certified Scrum Master | Face-2-Face | English | Jul 06-07, 2023

Learn to Lead an Effective Scrum Team with Peter B. Stevens. Discover Scrum Mastery as it was meant to be!...

  • Peter Stevens
  • Zürich / Switzerland
  • 06 July 2023


What our customers say about us

  • This is a holistic learning experience, with joy, and new perspectives for sustainable results. It's that simple!
    Dr. Thomas Juli
    Human Business Architect
  • Dr Michael Mrochen
    Peter’s strength is his ability to listen and to understand the issues, then re-frame the conversation, so that dialogue and constructive discussion can happen.
    Michael Mrochen
    Chairman of the Board, Vivior AG
  • Peter’s Scrum-Master course was one of the best experiences to understand the concepts and principles of Scrum.
    He made sure that the required content is fully understood by the participants with a flavor of humor.
  • Peter truly is a trainer like no other.
    Praveesh Peiris
    Business Analyst – Virtusa
  • Peter is a very skillful trainer as he challenges you both in theory and in practice to think outside your comfort zone.
    I highly recommend Peters course.
    Martin Ahlström
    Head of Project Management Office & Scrum Master, ABB
  • We send our people to Peter’s Scrum classes because they come home with the Agile Mindset.
    Stefan Salvisberg
    VP of Engineering for Data, Analytics & AI at Swisscom
  • Peter is an extra ordinary coach with a unique style.
    His intentions to help are genuine, I have encountered numerous coaches who have a framework in place that needs to be followed in order to get results.
    What I love about his style of coaching is he helps you stimulate your thought process to come up with the solutions, this is key!
    Dan Arjuna
    International Sales Manager | Ecopreneur
  • I really like his humble but firm way...
    Our team has never looked back since then and found a new working energy and motivation.
    Great partner, I would highly recommend his services and support to anybody is embarking in this new challenging journey!
    Rossana Ricco-Rodgers
    Chief Marketing Officer at Authena
  • Peter is a well-prepared, effective, and inspiring management coach and trainer.
    I have been able to rethink my daily work by following Peter's directions on applying Scrum principles in my professional environment.
    Ettore Turra
    Partner, Head of Healthcare at Jakala Civitas.
  • Walter Stulzer, Executive Director of
    Peter showed us how to apply the principles of agility to our challenges as a leadership team.
    Walter Stulzer
    Executive Director, Futureworks AG

Excerpt from our client list

In-House workshops:
The flying start to better results

Ensure a smooth and successful introduction of Agility and Scrum.
For best results, combine introductions to Scrum, Product Ownership,
and Personal Agility with Jump Start workshop.
Contact us free a free consultation on the best way forward.

About Us

About Peter B. Stevens

Inspiring, Pragmatic, Flexible, Experienced, Knowledgeable. Ask Peter's help when you want to get your initiatives moving!

As an executive coach, Peter helps you to understand the challenge at hand, identify the optimal outcome, and find the best path to get there.

Peter builds on his friendly but firm manner and years of experience as a trainer, coach, manager, and entrepreneur to give you the support you need.

Services provided: Executive Coaching and Facilitation, Agile Training and Transformation, Interim Leadership.

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