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Scrum bei uns / Scrum chez nous / Scrum in our Company
"I wish we had more time to look at issues specific to my situation or company." -- top improvement request after our Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner Courses. Your Certified Scrum Master Course opened a door to new possibilities and you have a clear goal in sight: To make this project your best project ever! But... that course raised many questions about how to do Scrum in your company, your project and your environment. Questions which couldn't be answered due to lack of time. How are you going to solve these problems?
What do people say about this workshop?
Participants love these workshops! The Scrum Applied Workshop consistently has a Net Promoter Score of 90 to +100%. (By comparison, Apple's NPS is only around  +70% on the -100% to +100% scale, depending on the product).
  • If you have questions about Scrum, this is the place to go! -- Tiziano Rullo, Liip AG
  • This is a great way to go deep after the CSM course. -- Belinda Furrer
  • The best way to deepen the theory.... -- Donat Kolsek, Leverage Factor GmbH
  • Bring your problems and get them solved! It's that simple. -- Gheorghe Jumuga
  • Becoming proficient means practicing on real problems. This workshop offers this opportunity! -- Piero Pierucci, Nuance Communications Switzerland AG
Now you can find answers to your questions!
What kind of questions? Any questions related to getting started with Scrum in a real project! For example:
  • How do I get acceptance and signoff from the client when the requirements keeps changing but the price is fixed?
  • Does the Scrum Master contribute technically?
  • What is the relationship between the Scrum Roles and existing roles like line manager, project manager or product manager?
  • How do I know that my team is performing well?
  • How do I handle a team that is performing badly?
  • How do I get acceptance for Scrum among my Stakeholders and Managers?
This is workshop not a Powerpoint binge. You will examine your problems, and come up with answers that can work for you in your context backed up with theory, knowledge and experience provided by one of Switzerland's top experts on Scrum.

Scrum Applied
Scrum Applied: Addressing the challenges of Scrum in Your Organization

This workshop is for recently certified ScrumMasters and Scrum Product Owners who are trying to figure out how to apply Scrum in their context.

You get an intense, personal training with much opportunity to work with the trainer and in small groups. This workshop is offered in English on request or German if all participants agree.

As an experienced Scrum coach, trainer and mentor with a passion for helping organizations transform themselves to thrive in the 21st century, Peter Stevens have been training Scrum Masters, Scrum Developers and Scrum Product Owners in Switzerland and abroad since 2008. His coaching focus is on transforming organizations. "I teach teams, their leaders, their management and their stakeholders to do Scrum well, to understand Scrum deeply, and to live Scrum values." Peter is an engaged leader of the Agile community in Switzerland and worldwide. Most recently, he initiated the Stoos Gathering, an interdisciplinary summit to catalyze a lasting change in business management along Agile principles.
This workshop is intended for anyone in a Scrum Project (e.g. Developers, Scrum Masters, Product-Owners, Managers, Testers, Change Agents, Business Analysts, Project and Program Managers) who has completed a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) or Certified Scrum Product Owner training and wants to get deeper into the How of Scrum. Especially if you are transitioning a team, project or organization to Scrum, this workshop provides the opportunity
Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner or permission from trainer is required to attend this workshop.
The topics are not set in advance. You bring  the topics that you need to address. I expect most questions will fall under the following categories:
  • Getting ready for the first Sprint Planning
  • Scrum and your (customer's) organization
  • Scrum and Team Performance
  • What do I do when...
  • Other
The topics will be selected and prioritized by the participants and we will handle as many as the time allows. Practical Details: Location: to be decided Duration: 1 days. Workshop language is English on request or German on consensus. Program: Coffee & Registration: 9.00am Begin: 9.30am (prompt!) End: 18.00 (6pm) This workshop is held regularly in Zurich. All dates are guaranteed (even if you are the only participant).
Members of the Scrum Alliance can claim 8 SEU's for successful completion of workshop and apply this workshop towards meeting the requirement of the CSP.  Members of the PMI can claim 8 PDUs for successful completion of this workshop and apply this workshop towards meeting the requirement of the ACP.
Early bird: CHF 900.--, Regular CHF 950.-- per person. SwissICT rebate 20%