Seal of the Certified Scrum Professional
Seal of the Certified Scrum Professional

We have had the training. What do we do now?

Workshops focus on creating information so you and your organization can be as effective as possible.

Through our workshops you to create insights, visions, plans and shared understanding to enable you and your organization to move forward to the right goal.

We offer in-house workshops, retreats and retrospectives to meet your needs:

  • Scrum, Vision and Performance – create a vision and a plan for your Agile Leadership Team. Identify low hanging fruit and long-term objectives. (read more)
  • Scrum for Managers – where Scrum and Top Management meet: the why and how of leading a modern organization (read more)
  • Scrum Retrospective and Refresher – Identify improvement potential in your team or organization. (Read more, then contact us)
  • Leadership Problem Solving Work-Thru – bring your Leadership Team together to solve pressing issues in your organization. (Read more, then contact us)
  • Temenos Leadership Retreat – Team Building and Visioning for your leadership team. (Read more, then contact us)

Interested in a workshop or retreat? Need something customized to your situation? Contact us for more information here.


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