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Online Mentoring with optional co-training for aspiring CST’s

Cartoon About Becoming a CSt
A CST Candidate is expected to
“fly over the bar” with ease!

The Scrum Alliance does not recruit trainers – you strive to become one! Two things are particularly challenging: 1) getting your first CST to work with you at the beginning of your voyage and 2) appearing before the Trainer Acceptance Committee and demonstrating that you can fly over the bar. Many people go before the approval committee several times before being accepted.

Do you want to “fly over the bar”? If you do, I want to help you! I have been teaching Scrum since 2008 and a CST since 2012. It took me 3 appeals to get accepted. I want your voyage to be easier than mine!

The program is for people who are serious about becoming a CST. When you join this group, you join an international community of individuals who are committed to learning and helping each other become great trainers and Ambassadors of Scrum!


What you can expect

I will help you on your voyage. I will only accept you if you are ready to start. When you have demonstrated that you can “safely fly the airplane” I will give you a serious recommendation.

I will make it clear what I expect for you to qualify. I will not string you along nor do I expect you to substitute for my own sales and marketing activities.


What you bring

If you meet these criteria, you can become a member of our group:

  • You are serious about becoming a CST
  • You have achieved at least a Certified Scrum Professional Certification from the Scrum Alliance
  • You have read and understood the criteria for becoming a Certified Scrum Trainer according to the Scrum Alliance
  • You have taught at least one CSM-like course
  • You have prepared your training materials to teach a CSM
  • You have humility about your own knowledge and willingness to learn from others
  • You have a willingness to share and support other Aspirants on their voyage
  • You can commit to attending our monthly online call, every 4th Thursday at 11:00 CET

If you want to co-train and teach more than 50% of the class…

  • You can organize a CSM course and attract at least 10 participants each
  • You can pass a stage check that confirms the depth of your Scrum Knowledge
  • I don’t charge a fee for co-training per se, but I do need a reasonable business case. I do make exceptions and I am allergic to cancelling classes, even if the business results will not be what we had hoped.

Generally, I do not have capacity to co-train with people who are not in the mentoring program. I can make exceptions for Aspirants with at least 3 recommendations from a CST.

Earning your recommendation

I do not guarantee recommendation. To earn a recommendation from me, you must:

  • Be fully committed to the co-training process when we are together
  • Observe me teach one CSM class and debrief it with me.
  • Co-train at least one class with me. Your goal is to convince me that you can engage a class and that you can tell authentic stories and answer real questions about applying Scrum. You will lead at least one section. Again, we will debrief thoroughly.
  • Demonstrate leadership in the community or the marketplace. Other leadership should be interested in what you have to say.
  • Demonstrate that you can fly over the bar by teaching a CSM class with me. Although this is technically a cotraining, you take charge of the entire course, from first customer contact to final follow-up.

Contact me

The first step is to answer the questionnaire below. You should hear from me within a few days. If you have a question, you can also reach me via the online contact form.

Available Packages

  • Basic Package: Includes all standard services listed below.
  • Optional Packages: 1 on 1 Mentoring. Co-Training with your customers.

Note: To qualify for a recommendation, you must observe at least one of my courses and co-train with me for two of your courses. Co-training in my courses is only possible in exceptional cases.

What you get

  • Access to monthly supervision & “peer-vision” call with Peter Stevens and fellow CST aspirants. Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours per month. Ask any question you want during this call.
  • Access to our semi-annual Retreats – hone your training skills in preparation for the oral exam in front of the TAC.
  • Right to attend my public CSM or CSPO classes or online workshops as an observer on a non-proft basis* — a savings of up to CHF 2’510 per course, depending on the course and venue
  • Right to attend my online PAS Personal Agility System Workshops (worth CHF 1’000 per workshop)
  • Access to my CSM & CSPO Materials
  • Access to community Trello board, Forum and Slack channel for easy communication and discussion
  • My commitment to help you get ready
  • My commitment to recommend you as soon as you are ready
  • Clear guidance on how to improve if I am not ready to recommend you.
  • My help in finding other co-training opportunities

*Non-profit basis means that if there is an incremental cost to have you participate in the course, e.g. a venue fee from the hotel, you pay that, but neither I nor the marketing partner make any money on your presence. And if the incremental cost is zero, there is no charge to you.

Additionally you can choose additional support:

  • Co-Training with your customers.

Fine print: I reserve the right to limit the number of observers in my public classes.

Save the dates!

Our next retreats are scheduled for:

  • October 12-15, 2018 in Brighton, UK (right after SGLON)
  • April 4-7, 2019 in Nice, France (about 1 month before SGAUS19 )
  • September 12-15, 2019, 4 to 6 weeks before the European Gathering

Free gifts: Help convincing your Stakeholders


Application to the program

If the following google form does not display properly, you can view it natively here.

For information and pricing

Prices are set individually. The basis for discussion two to three times the typical price of a 2-day CSM course in your country. The best way to reach me, Peter Stevens, is to ask about the CST Mentoring Program through the online contact form.