Certified Scrum Product Owner Training: Leading Innovation

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Certified Scrum Product Owner

Create great products with your Scrum Team!

For Product Owners, Product Managers, Business Analysts, Project and Program Managers, Consultants, Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches

How do you know if this workshop is for you? Would you like to…

  • Understand or fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Product Owner role?
  • Create products that are valued by users and customers?
  • Deliver projects that are on-time and on-budget?
  • Transition from a Business Analyst or Project Manager role?
  • Achieve higher team performance, happier stakeholders, and more engaged staff?

This course is ideal for you if:

  • Your product is not getting the traction you expect
  • Your timelines shift and interruptions are frequent
  • Your team is complaining about the User Stories and/or the Product Backlog
  • You are not getting the quality or the performance you want from your Agile team
  • You’d like work to be more fun

What this workshop is and is not

This workshop…

  • Is a three-day interactive, face-to-face workshop about creating great products
  • Is taught by Peter Stevens, an active Product Owner
  • Is not a repeat of the Scrum Master class (though it may refresh you on the basics if you need it)
  • Does not put you through “death by PowerPoint”


Certified Scrum Product Owner (English) [171129-CPO]
 November 29, 2017 -
December 01, 2017
09:00 - 18:00 Book this workshop now

The regular price is CHF 2’975.– per person. SwissICT rebate: 20% of the quantity one price (unless a lower train-the-team price applies).

Train the Team!

Especially attractive prices, because everyone working with a Scrum Team needs to understand Scrum! Price per person as low as CHF 1’875:

  • Teams of 9-10 people – CHF 1’875.00
  • Teams of 7-8 people – CHF 2’067.50
  • Teams of 4-6 people – CHF 2’287.50
  • Teams of  2-3 people – CHF 2’672.50
  • Individual – 1 person – CHF 2’975.–

Prices are per person. There is no VAT on courses in Switzerland. (Some fees and extras may apply. See the registration form for details).

By the end of this program you will be able to:

    • Validate with your customers and stakeholders that you are building the right product
    • Collaborate effectively with your team through all of the events in the Scrum Flow
    • Create user stories and prioritize the Product Backlog effectively
    • Predict when your product will be ready
    • Recognize and react when your project is challenged
    • Serve as a Product Owner in your team
    • Qualify for Certification as a Scrum Alliance Certified Product Owner®

Peter_Stevens-Life-is-the-Sea-450x300 As a long-time Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer, Peter Stevens is a recognized Agile expert who has trained over 2’000 people to transform their world of work for the better. He is the inventor of Personal Agility(tm) and co-author of Personal Agility: Doing More That Matters.



Day 1 – The Product Owner

  • Why Scrum?
  • What are the core principles of Scrum?
  • What does a Product Owner do?
  • How does the P-O impact team performance?
  • What happens when?
  • How to manage requirements in Scrum?
  • How to get stakeholders to agree on priorities?
  • How to monitor progress?

Day 2 – From the Vision to the Minimum Viable Product

  • What does it mean to be Agile?
  • How do you work with customers and stakeholders?
  • How do you craft and validate a vision?
  • Which features must be present?
  • Which MVP will we build?
  • How do you create a product backlog from a vision?
  • How to get the backlog ready for implementation?
  • Sprint! Create your MVP

Day 3 – Scrum and the Organization

  • How to react to change?
  • Who is responsible for what?
  • When is something (really) done?
  • When is Scrum the right framework?
  • Transfer – What will you do when you get back to the office?
  • Questions and Case Studies


  • Other topics as requested

Nicht nur Scrum frontal lernen, sondern Scrum auch praktisch und nützlich erleben. Das bietet der Kurs von Peter an! — Ivana Tzschoppe, SBB, Zurich, May 12-14, 2014


What do recent participants say about this course?

Participants are enthusiastic! Net Promoter Score from October 2013 to April 2014: +63%! (Read more about my commitment to top quality courses!). Here’s a selection of recent comments:

Scrum Product Owner Roles

Interactive learning helps you genuinely understand Scrum

Scrum Product Owner Training. Create an analogue version of the product you wish to create.

Creating an”analogue version” of a cool new product — yours!

Take home many "A-Ha!" moments as you figure out why Scrum works the way it does!

Take home many “A-Ha!” moments as you figure out the why of Scrum!

You'll leave the course with clear ideas on what & how to improve!

You’ll leave the course with clear ideas on what & how to improve!

    • Experienced trainer, well-working course, good food for thought¨ — Felix Schürmann, Head of Computing, EPFL Blue Brain Project, Lausanne, March 31-April 1, 2014
    • Even if you are already doing Scrum, you will learn a lot on top. A lot of interaction and knowledge exchange, which is great! – Bianca Tröndle , Zürich Versicherung, August 26-28, 2015.
    • Excellent Training! I have never had such an efficient, interesting and open-minded training! — Marcel Barat, Wingo AG, Zurich, March 24-26, 2014
    • Der Kurs bewirkte bei mir sehr viele A-Ha Momente und regt mich zum nachdenken an! — Raphael Krauer, Zürich, November 25-27, 2013
    • Sensationelle Einführung in die Rolle als Product Owner. Sehr aktiver Unterricht und Einsatz der Scrum Instrumente und Methoden. Man lernt durch machen. Peter hat eine riesen Erfahrung und kann die Faszination dafür vermitteln. — Hubert Williman, Zürich, November 25-27, 2013
    • Peter knows his craft and has a lot of practical examples… Oliver Price, Liip AG, Zurich, April 7-9, 2014
    • Very Interesting and challenging! — Denise Jakob, Zürich, December 16-18, 2013
    • Highly recommended for Product Owners and Future Product Owners! — Eli Ottesen, Zürich, December 16-18, 2013
    • A lively course that includes a lot of interaction and real cases — A CSPO Participant, Zürich, December 16-18, 2013
    • “In a short time, I’ve learned so much from Peter. He is an excellent instructor and coach. “— Kiet Tran, VP of Customer Development, Business Enterprise Machines, Inc, and CSPO Participant in Washington, DC, July 24, 2013
In this program you can get access to:
  • Three-day face-to-face training with Peter Stevens, Certified Scrum Trainer®
  • 80 page Participant’s handbook in electronic form with content and exercises
  • Access to repository of course materials, templates, checklists, guides & useful information
  • 22 SEUs/PDUs
  • 2 year membership in the Scrum Alliance
  • Recommendation for Certification as a Scrum Product Owner (if you meet the conditions)
  • A personalized list of discussion points for improving your project or organization
  • Certificate of attendance