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Peter Stevens, Entrepreneur and Scrum Trainer
Peter Stevens, Entrepreneur and Scrum Trainer

As a Swiss-American Scrum Trainer, my customer’s success with Scrum is important to me!

How satisfied are the participants in my trainings? I watch this closely, and try to improve after every course.

I use Net Promoter Scores after each course to gauge satisfaction after each course. I just looked at the results for the 18 months that I have been a Certified Scrum Trainer.

Just as refresher, NPS divides customers into delighted customers (“Promoters”), merely satisfied (“passives”) and those who have something to complain about (“Detractors”). NPS, or Net Promoter Score, is the percentage of  Promoters less the percentage of Detractors. How do my results look?

Respondents NPS
October 12 to March 13 154 34%
April 13 to September 13 158 39%
October 13 to March 14 179 56%

Since NPS can vary between -100% and +100%, anything over 0% is good, and anything over +20% is very good. Numbers above 80% are reserved for companies like Apple at their finest.

The numbers show a nice trend. I’m not exactly Apple-cool yet, but moving in the right direction. 🙂

Starting a few months ago, I have been asking participants how they would recommend the course to future participants. Here is are some of the more quotable statements from my most recent courses (March, 2014 in Lisbon):

  • If you are curious about Scrum, this is the right place to start!
  • A good start for a Scrum practice
  • If you want to experience Scrum, this is the course for you! — André Manuel Carmo Pereira Lima, Edições Asa II, SA
  • In two days, Peter gave me a full idea of the Scrum framework and how to apply it. Passionate and hands-on! — Carla Santos, InovaMais- Serv. Consultad. em Inov. Tecnológica, SA
  • Useful training even for people who already know Scrum! — Carlos Alexandre Vizela Pais de Faria, Banco BPI, Lisbon, March 2014A very nice point to start! — José Nicolau, 
  • Excellent Materials and Instructor. Nice new vision about old problems. — José Manuel Ramos Pinto de Sousa
  • Highly recommended, best way to get things done in time, organized and simple — José Miguel Sereno da Rocha Machado Espregueira
  • This workshop is a hands on approach that will challenge you to be better.
  • Participating in the workshop is an amazing experience, even if you are not a fan of Scrum. — Márcio Azevedo, Celfinet – Consultoria em Telecomunicações Lda
  • Excellent Trainer, very clear integration and interaction with the students. — Miguel Paulo O. Rosas Moreira, Cerealis SGPS, SA
  • Want to get your hands “dirty” with Scrum? This is the course! — Paulo Azevedo
  • The material is awesome! Tiago Neto Marreiros, Lisbon
  • Scrum is a great framework to improve ourselves and influence our team! — Andreia Figueiredo
  • If you want to do Scrum, start here!! — António Nunes, Media Capital SA
  • Ideal if you are looking to change your mindset! Carlos Carvalho, BNP Paribas
  • If you want to understand people and change yourself to do it, take this course! — Daniel Carrilho, Thyone
  • If you think you are effective, you should see how Scrum can prove you wrong!
  • This workshop will open your horizons, showing you a new way of doing things. It helped me see there’s a different world out there! José Carlos Ferreira
  • A breath of fresh air!
  • A practical course that allows you to experience and try Scrum — Maria Ferreira
  • Extremely useful. — Miguel Campião, Indexsquare, Lda, Lisbon,
  • I really believe I just increased my professional skills. — Paulo Alexandre Nunes da Costa
  • Great content, very hands-on. You’ll have fun! — Ricardo Manuel Amaro

And finally:

  • Read the course material before taking the course!

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