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Jumpstart your transformation!

“We’ve already started doing SCRUM on our projects. Our project’s customers are already loving it by the way they feel involved. It’s amazing, how 3 days can dramatically change our everyday routines and have immediate results!!”

– Carlos Martins, WeDo Technologies, Braga, Portugal

Learn Scrum by doing Scrum — and start addressing your challenges!

“Every development project produces two results. The first result is the product or service that will benefit the organization and/or its customers. The second result is the team and organization that creates the product. A high performance Team can deliver value to the organization frequently and reliably. The focus of the Product Owner is the product. The focus of the Scrum Master is the Team and its interactions with the organization. The role of leadership and management is to provide clear vision, direction and support so that high performance teams can emerge.”
– Peter Stevens, CST

IMG_7194An agile approach can enable you to generate twice the value with half the effort, or it can be an alibi-exercise that produces little or no real benefit.

The most effective in-house trainings connect the theory and practice of Scrum with the company change initiative to create momentum and enthusiasm for the change. The training-workshop must engage enough levels of the organization to enable the change to start.

Optimal Results

The optimal result is high alignment on the vision, identification of key challenges and possible solutions, and definition of next steps. And everyone knows what it means to be agile and how to do Scrum. So an in-house course is both a training and a workshop, and the result is a vision and action plan for improving your department, organization or company!

What you bring

An in-house Scrum training and mentoring package with Peter Stevens is optimal for you if:

  • You want to achieve an improvement in your organization’s performance
  • You and your leadership are willing to contribute to the solution
  • Scrum and other agile methods should be the basis for the solution
  • You want a pragmatic approach
  • You want time to go into company specific issues
  • You want support after the end of the class

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What you get

  • Initial Scrum training for the team and those in leadership and management who want to participate (highly recommended)
  • Transformation workshop to connect the agile training with your change program
  • All participants can qualify as Certified Scrum Masters.
  • High alignment between leadership and operational staff
  • Motivated team that supports the change goals
  • One year of “Achieving Performance through Agility,” our online mentoring for key Agile leaders

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