In-House Courses and Workshops

Our In-House Courses and workshops

“We’ve already started doing SCRUM on our projects. Our project’s customers are already loving it by the way they feel involved. It’s amazing, how 3 days can dramatically change our everyday routines and have immediate results!!”

– Carlos Martins, WeDo Technologies, Braga, Portugal

Learn Scrum by doing Scrum — and start addressing your challenges!

IMG_7194Getting your entire “eco-system” — developers, testers, business, stakeholders and management (at least 2 levels up!) — on board and up to speed is the single most important success factor in succeeding with Scrum.

Each organization has its own situation, its own challenges, and its own needs. In-house training is the optimal approach to improve the performance of an entire team or organisation.

Unlike public courses, in-house courses can deeply examine the situation in your organization to answer many of the questions raised by Scrum or to get ready for the first Sprint. Specialized workshops, retreats and briefings can help your organization through critical stages in the Scrum or Agile adoption process.

What do recent participants say?

“If you want to make a really good software within a timebox, you will learn how to do it in Scrum courses with Peter Stevens.”— Alena Makrushina, St. Petersburg
“It’s awesome! You will become a self-organizing team.” Alexander Kuchin, St. Petersburg
“This can also be a great team building event!” — Andrei Terekhin, St. Petersburg

When does an in-house course make sense? When any of the following are true:

  • You can get the future development team, their stakeholders, their management and other interested parties together for three days to learn about Scrum
  • You want to address company specific issues as part of the training.
  • You want to lay the groundwork for a successful Agile transition.
  • You want to get a struggling transition back on track.
  • At least 15 people need the same training

Any of our trainings can be held privately. The MasterClass Workshop on Scrum, Vision and Performance is especially recommend as a leadership retreat. Want to know more? Contact us, and we will be happy to help.

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