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Bonus and Penalty Clauses

Bonus and Penalty Clauses look good on paper but work better with things you can build out of concrete. If you are building to a critical […]

Phased Development

A Phased Development contract is similar to how venture capitalists work with start-ups. It keeps stakeholders in the loop while delegating most decisions to the product […]

Time and Materials with Variable Scope and a Cost Ceiling

For customers that aren’t used to working with Scrum, this might feel like a leap of faith, because they don’t know exactly what they will get […]

Time and Materials with Fixed Scope and a Cost Ceiling

Sometimes I call this, “heads I win, tails you lose.” Any outcome that does exactly use all the budget results in less profit for the supplier. […]

Time and Materials (T&M) Projects

Sometimes I think this is the “holy grail” for consultants: Permission to work forever, predictable profits and all the risks carried by the customer. It also […]

Fixed-Price, Fixed-Scope Contracts

This question has challenged the Agile community since the beginning: How do you do a fixed-price, fixed-scope project? Especially the big customers think they know exactly […]

The Sprint Contract

Working with Scrum, I have found the metaphor of a “sprint contract” to be helpful in understanding the relationship between Product Owner and Development Team, and […]

The 10 contracts for your next Agile software project

Which contract form is the right one for your project? It depends. In this chapter we examine each of the widely used contract forms and evaluate […]

What information should an Agile contract include?

A contract substitutes for a lack of trust. The more trust exists between customer and supplier, the less you will need to write down.What do you […]


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