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Is it okay to change Scrum?

Is it okay to change Scrum? This question can be a hot potato! When we are honest, there are two correct answers: 1. No. 2. Of course! The more interesting questions are: What are you doing differently? Is it okay? Read on for guidance about good changes to your Scrum.

Introducing OKIs

What is your key objective? What is the biggest impediment to achieving that objective? Why is it important to fix it now? Everyone talks about your OKRs, but what about your KI’s, your key impediments? They prevent you from achieving your OKRs.

Cheat Sheet: What happens when in Scrum?

With all the controversial attempts to create Scrum “cheat sheets,” I thought it was time to create one that is true to the definition of Scrum. In this infographic/cheat-sheet, I have stayed as possible to the Scrum Guide.