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Working, Reliable, Valuable: A Definition of Done Checklist

Download this simple checklist and infographic to understand and improve your Definition of Done.

Introducing the Chill Retrospective

Introducing the Chill Retrospective. Add downtime to your retros. Inspired by a time before airplanes had outlets and wifi.

2000 Views on Youtube  🎉

ITST, the 15 minute introduction to Scrum, just celebrated 2000 Views on Youtube  🎉. Check out this free and pragmatic introduction to Scrum.

Eight Warning Signs of Too Much Multitasking

Eight Warning Signs of Too Much Multitasking: A What-Really-Matters Infographic.

Eight Common Obstacles to Achieving Your Goals

Eight Common Obstacles to Achieving Your Goals. A What-Really-Matters Infographic

Why Twitter is Struggling under Elon Musk

From the day Musk took over, it seemed Twitter was a house on fire. The Twitter take-over cost Elon Musk his allures of being a Tony Stark-like superhero. Why? Three factors stand out through their absence: Vision, Respect, and Confidence.

Navigating the Sales Process: Selling Your Services with Personal Agility

Use the PAS Sales Flow to turbocharge your sales process. Visualize the entire process to make clear when action is needed or something is stuck.

Infographic – Ten Risks of Product Development

Infographic - Ten Risks of Product Development and Tips for Better Results Sooner with Scrum and Agile Teams.

We were hacked!

Our WordPress-based web servers were hacked last week, and it was a harrowing experience. I learned the hard way, you need to make sure your website is secure and protected. Here are some tips from our experience that might help you keep your website safe.