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Top Project Risk Number 1: Delivery Risk

Will I get anything usable at all? Ninety percent of the time and money allocated for your project have been used up. Yesterday your project leadership […]

Top Project Risk Number 2: Time and Budget Risk

“Will it be ready for Christmas?”  Just about every client I ever met has wanted to know the answer to this question. Will it be delivered […]

Top Project Risk Number 3: Scope Risk

Will I get everything I asked for? Imagine it is Saturday, your spouse is about to go out somewhere with the car, and you need groceries. […]

Top Project Risk Number 4: Market Risk

If we build it, will people use it or buy it? Building a product that no-one wants is a great way to lose your entire investment. […]

Top Project Risk Number 5: Technical Risk

Can it really be done? I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man […]

Top Project Risk Number 6: Social Risk

Can the people building the product collaborate effectively? Most projects are not rocket science. When I talk to people about the reasons for their most successful […]

Top Project Risk Number 7: Dependencies, or Resource Risk

Will the people who are needed be available when they are needed? Many organizations are structured around skillsets or technology platforms, e.g. analyst, developer, tester or […]

Top Project Risk Number 8: Stakeholder Risk

Will the stakeholders change, or even just change their minds? Just before my team was scheduled to release the first version of the product, the client’s […]

Top Project Risk Number 9: Change Management Risk

Will changing requirements delay the project?    “We had been working on a new hardware-based product for six months. One day, the sponsor came in and […]