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How to get ready for an online class

To participate in an online class, you will need access to the following:

  • A computer with a webcam and a headset.
  • A quiet location (connecting from a train, airport or other public place will not be satisfactory).
  • An Internet connection (DSL, Cable or Fibre).

Ensure the microphone has good sound quality so people can understand you and enjoy listening to you.

Verify that your computer is ready

  • Ensure the zoom.us client is installed on your computer
  • Ensure you have web access to (click on the links to test):
  • Ensure that you have WhatsApp on your phone or computer (you’ll get a link to join the group chat)

You will get a Dropbox link to print the course book for use during class. Most people prefer to print it themselves, though some people are able to take their notes directly in a PDF file.

How to prepare for the class?

Same as always, except for one additional step

  • Read the Scrum Guide
  • Read the Agile Manifesto
  • Print a copy of the coursebook (90 pages, black and white is fine. I would suggest putting it in a binder)

Are you committed to making the class a success?

You must be present for the entire class and your camera must be active during the lessons with adequate lighting so we can see your face during the class. We may ask you to confirm your attendance during the class:

We suggest you join the class 15 minutes before it starts so you can make sure that everything works and we can start on time to use the time effectively.

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