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10 tips for doing Scrum when you’re decentralized, part-time or doing other stuff you’re not supposed to do

How do you use Scrum when you’re integrating existing packages, not developing software deploying a visual design working with a decentralized team working with a part-time […]

A failed Sprint Review

Do your sprints look anything like this: In Sprint Planning 1, the team commits to implementing 8 stories and fixing 2 bugs (open issues identified in […]

Who Manages Risk in a Scrum Project?

I’m not sure if there is a simple answer to that question. There are lots of different kinds of risk, so who manages what may well […]

Successful Growth, but how?

Last week, I attended Basler Insurance’s Forum for Small and Medium Enterprises. This year’s theme was “Successful growth, but how?” One talk stood out for me: […]