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Lowest prices for Scrum Training

Why do you want to teach your team Scrum? From a company’s perspective,  one answer dominates: better results, faster. I spent much of last year talking […]

10 tips for doing Scrum when you’re decentralized, part-time or doing other stuff you’re not supposed to do

How do you use Scrum when you’re integrating existing packages, not developing software deploying a visual design working with a decentralized team working with a part-time […]

What is the Product Owner Camp in Switzerland?

Dawna Jones, the management writer and initiator of the Stoos Sparks web series spoke with me about the Product Owner Camp in Switzerland. What is is […]

Getting Starting on #POcampCH — the Product Owner Camp Switzerland

Today, the organization team for the first Product Owner Camp in Switzerland, held its first telco. Here is what we decided: Our target date is March […]

Call for Participation: Product Owner Camp Switzerland #POCampCH

Following the fantastic Swiss Agile Coach Camp, I thought it would be cool to organize a similar event around of Product Ownership. I put out a […]

Bring back the fun! Four tips for the Product Owner…

…when the market isn’t buying your product “Is it OK to pass on market pressure to my team?” This question came up in my last Certified […]

12 Tips for Product Owners who want better performance from their Scrum Teams

As Product Owner, I want better performance from my Scrum team. Jeff Sutherland observed that teams in the 95th percentile were 10 times more productive than […]

A failed Sprint Review

Do your sprints look anything like this: In Sprint Planning 1, the team commits to implementing 8 stories and fixing 2 bugs (open issues identified in […]

Eight Strategies for Achieving the Scrum Sprint Commitment

I just finished leading an in-house Scrum Product Owner course with a group of 6 actual or future product owners. One of their most pressing issues […]