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This workshop will be fun, interactive and informative, and prepares you to work with your team, your stakeholders and even your clients! All course dates are guaranteed!


What our customers say about us

  • Palash Patel
    Second course with Peter and I enjoyed it equally as first one! Special shout out to Sabine for the hospitality!
  • Nathalie-Manetti
    I loved the course as I could learn the Scrum basics in an interactive, face-to-face way. Peter is a great moderator and storyteller, which made the learning process very entertaining.
  • Julian-Kaufmann
    Very motivating and experienced trainer with a wide industry knowledge. A person how can show you how to live scrum and not only know the theory.
    Julian Kaufmann
    Webrepublic AG
  • Amin Niayifar
    Peter is a Scrum Master Coach who brings a deep experience and knowledge to the class. I recommend his class to anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of scrum and improve their project management skills.
  • Daniele Ballinari
    Though examples, interactive tasks, and discussion we got to understand the fundamental aspects of a Scrum Team and its processes.
  • Casimiro Cometta
    I'd recommend this to anyone that wants to learn the points of Scrum and what makes it work in a company that doesn't have Scrum implemented yet.
  • I very much appreciated the hands on approach Peter used. To the points examples and tips are very powerful to bring theory alive.
    Tim Morlion
    COO, easics nv
  • Peter is really aware to the class needs and wants. Scrum is not just for software development, and should be considered for every product driven field.
    Tiran Shamir
    easics nv
  • Peter truly is a trainer like no other.
    Praveesh Peiris
    Business Analyst – Virtusa
  • Peter’s Scrum-Master course was one of the best experiences to understand the concepts and principles of Scrum.
    He made sure that the required content is fully understood by the participants with a flavor of humor.


Why Aqua?

Water is fluid and adaptable, embodying qualities of depth, transparency, and unstoppable force. It symbolizes the essence of agile processes—continuous flow, flexibility, and the ability to recognize, work around, and overcome barriers with persistence and perseverance.

As a Scrum Master, you guide and support your Scrum Team. Your clarity inspires open communication and transparency, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flow freely and innovation springs naturally.

What you get

In this program you get access to:

  • Two-day face-to-face training with Peter Stevens, Certified Scrum Trainer®
  • Participant's handbook in printed and electronic form with content and exercises
  • Access to repository of course materials, templates, checklists, guides & useful information
  • 15 SEUs/PDUs
  • CSM test fees and 2-year membership in the Scrum Alliance
  • Recommendation for Certification as a Scrum Master (if you are present in the class in mind and body)
  • Personalized list of discussion points for improving your project or organization
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Lunches and breaks

Book with confidence!

All course dates are guaranteed!

Aqua CSM | Certified Scrum Master | English | May 15-16, 2024 | 240515-CS2

Aqua CSM | Certified Scrum Master | English | May 15-16, 2024 | 240515-CS2

Learn to Lead an Effective Scrum Team with Peter B. Stevens. Discover Scrum Mastery as it was meant to be!...
Aqua CSM | Certified Scrum Master | English | July 4-5, 2024 | 240704-CS2

Aqua CSM | Certified Scrum Master | English | July 4-5, 2024 | 240704-CS2

Learn to Lead an Effective Scrum Team with Peter B. Stevens. Discover Scrum Mastery as it was meant to be!...

Select the package which meets your needs

  No-Frills Standard Economy
Description Lowest Price, No changes, no refunds Booking Flexibility
Cancellation allowed No Up to 15 days before the workshop, full refund*
Change of participant allowed No up to 3 days before workshop, no charge
Postponement to a later date allowed No Up to 15 days before the workshop, subject to availability, no charge*
Scrum Alliance Membership, Certification and Test Fees Included Included
Printed Course Book Yes, Full Color Yes, Full Color
Electronic Course Materials Yes Yes
Lunch provided at the Venue Yes Yes
Advance Purchase Required 2 months/1 month 1 day
Payment terms Immediate, by credit card before course begin, credit card or bank transfer
Payment with Purchase Order No Minimum CHF 10'000 per order
Electronic access to all course materials Yes Yes
Discounts Apply No Yes
Train The Team Discounts No Yes
Price (per person, excluding VAT) Discount up to CHF 400 compared to Standard Economy! CHF 2'190.--

Discounts on two-day classes and workshops

We grant discounts to participants paying with their own money on a case-by-case basis. We offer a CHF 200 discount to SwissICT members. We also grant "Train the Team" discounts depending on the number of people booked and invoiced together:

  • 3 to 6 people: CHF 400.-- per person
  • 7 to 9 people: CHF 500.-- per person
  • 10 or more people: CHF 600.-- per person

To qualify for a train-the-team discount, all participants must be booked at the same time. If after your initial booking, you wish to book additional participants to the same class, the same discount will be applied as for your initial booking.

* Note: Cancellation is not allowed and postponement is limited if a train the team discount was applied.

Discounts are calculated against Standard Economy packages. If multiple discounts apply, only the most beneficial discount will be applied. To qualify for a discounted price, on-time payment by the date stated in the invoice is required.

By the end of this program you will be able to:

  • Understand and apply confidently Scrum and Agile
  • Coach your team through all of the events in the Scrum Flow
  • Introduce Scrum into your team or organization
  • Identify and address impediments to team and individual performance
  • Serve as a Scrum Master in your team
  • Qualify for Certification as a Certified Scrum Master® (test required)
As a long-time Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer, Peter Stevens is a recognized Agile expert who has trained over 2’000 people to transform their world of work for the better. He is the inventor of Personal Agility(tm) and co-author of Personal Agility: Doing More That Matters.
This course satisfies the 2017 update of the Scrum Alliance CSM Learning Objectives:
  • Scrum Foundations
  • Lean, Agile, and Scrum
  • Agile Facilitation
  • Agile Coaching
  • Service to the Development Team
  • Service to the Product Owner
  • Service to the Organization

Day 1

Sprint 1 - Create the team

  • How can we work together more effectively?
  • Why Scrum?
  • How does Scrum work?

Sprint 2 - Learn the roles

  • What happens in Sprint Planning?
  • Who is responsible for what in Scrum?
  • What does it mean to be agile?
  • Problem Solving

Day 2

Sprint 3 - Scrum flow

  • What happens when?
  • What does a great Scrum Master do?
  • How does a team self-organize?
  • How to select the team?

Sprint 4 - Experience a sprint

  • Experience a sprint
  • How to Improve performance?
  • How to apply Scrum to a team of one?
  • What to do before you leave class?
This course uses Scrum to inspect and adapt the content based on the needs of the class, so the actual agenda may vary.
Experience the Scrum Roles, Activities and Artifacts in a real Sprint!

Experience the Scrum Roles, Activities and Artifacts in a real Sprint!

Experienced trainer, well-working course, good food for thought¨ -- Roland Lüthi in Zürich, August 2018

I thought the class size, room and hotel worked really well. Along with the materials I feel like I received value for money all things considered.

It was an amazing class. I learn a lot about scrum. -- Meera Kaneswaran in Zürich, June 2018

Thanks peter ! You are a great mentor, I wish to connect with you in future. -- Rahul Rajpal in Delhi, April 2018

Great organizing and outstanding expert. -- Naveen Shekar in Bangalore, April 2018

Thanks for a great 3 days - money and time well spent! -- participant in Zurich, March 2018

Thank you for these amazing three days. -- Stefan Steiner in Zurich, March 2018

I learned A LOT in these three intense days! It was well organized and the program was very diversified. I found the exchanges with the pairing partner very helpful for the learning process. Thank you, Peter! -- participant in Bern, January 2018

CSM Celebration

Freshly Certifiable Scrum Masters: After class celebration in Munich!

I enjoyed the course and feel its time well invested.-- participant in Zürich, February 2018

"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more." --- Morpheus in The Matrix.

See more comments and overall satisfaction results here.

Q. Does the class include certification?

The satisfactory completion of this class gives you all the prerequisites to qualify as Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master®. An online test after the class is required. The membership and test fees are included in your course fees. The test can be taken any time within 90 days of finishing the class.

Q. What do I have to do to qualify for certification?

The Scrum Alliance certifies you. The trainer recommends you for certification. For me to recommend you, you must:

  • do the introductory reading (approximately 16 pages)
  • be physically and mentally present for the entire class. An absence of up to 60 minutes can be permitted, be we may require homework to compensate the missing time.
  • attend the last hour of the class.

To be certified, you must

  • Agree to sending your contact information to the Scrum Alliance under their terms and conditions (which may not be GPRD compliant).
  • Pass the online test within 90 days of taking the class. The Scrum Master test is not hugely difficult, but it does require that you take it seriously.

This Workshop is for You!

Certified Scrum Master Badge
How do you know if this workshop is for you?
Would you like to…
  • Apply Scrum or Agile in your team(s) or project?
  • Deliver something to your customers or stakeholders?
  • Improve the reliability, predictability, and performance of your development efforts?
  • Reduce the noise and other impediments to project success?
  • Become part of the world’s largest most active Scrum community?
This course is ideal for you if:
  • You suffer constantly changing and conflicting priorities
  • Your timelines shift and interruptions are frequent
  • Your organization doesn’t want to change
  • You are under pressure to deliver faster or to use Scrum and Agile
  • You are not getting the quality or the performance you want from Scrum or Agile
  • You’d like work to be more fun
What this workshop is and is not
This training…
  • Is a two-day interactive, face-to-face workshop.
  • Is taught by Peter Stevens, an active practitioner of Scrum and Agile
  • Is about helping you achieve your goals in an agile context
  • Does not put you through “death by PowerPoint”
  • Is not trying to sell you on Scrum or Agile

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