Leadership Infographics by Peter B. Stevens: Complex concepts made easily understandable. On Leadership, Scrum, Personal Agility and Contracting

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Infographics: complex concepts easily understandable

Infographics: complex concepts easily understandable


The Innovation Algorithm at Tesla and SpaceX

Today, many people wonder how Musk companies like Tesla and SpaceX can innovate so fast. Musk and other senior executives however have already shared the secret! It’s a 5-step process they call “The Algorithm.” I’m Peter B. Stevens; this is the Agile Minute, and here’s how it works! (Video and Infographic)

Collective Intelligence Workshops

Agile Leadership and Decision-Making for Executives. Collective Intelligence Workshops unleash the power of your organization to align and decide on a course of action in the face of complex challenges and complex politics.

Introducing OKIs

What is your key objective? What is the biggest impediment to achieving that objective? Why is it important to fix it now? Everyone talks about your OKRs, but what about your KI’s, your key impediments? They prevent you from achieving your OKRs.