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“who needs Scrum Training? Basically everyone…”

Peter Stevens Scrum Training
Peter Stevens, Entrepreneur and Scrum Trainer

Scrum is a complete redefinition of how we coordinate complex work. It represents a major change in vales and mindset. Everyone involved needs to understand this change, the new mindset, and their rights and responsibilities in the new system.

Introducing train-the-team-pricing so everyone can get the training they need!

When will Scrum Training help?

People often come to my courses from companies that are “doing Scrum,” but are quite frustrated with how Scrum is working for them. Such companies often only send their Scrum Master and maybe their Product Owner for Scrum training. I believe this is a shortsighted approach.

Often people come to my courses and discover, “we thought we were doing Scrum, but actually Scrum is different.” It’s more effective and more fun.

Making Scrum Training more accessible

I want to make Scrum training more accessible. Everyone involved should have access to Scrum Training (from someone with deep understanding and experience).

I have adjusted my pricing to make team training much more attractive — And I host the Scrum Breakfast Club in Zurich so you have a cost-effective way continue your learning.

Who really needs to understand Scrum?

If you’re not having fun in your Scrum projects, something is not right, and it can be fixed!  If you’re not getting great results, something is not right, and it can be fixed. My job as a Scrum Trainer is to help you transform your workplace so you get great results and have fun doing it.

So who needs to understand Scrum? Basically everyone involved in creating your product, service or system should be trained in Scrum. And their management. At least two levels up.

Introducing Train-the-Team Pricing for Certified Scrum Training

Prices as low as CHF 1’285 per person. Find out more about the course and register here.