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Personal Agility (RC2)

Personal Agility is a simple framework for people who want to do more that matters and have more impact through their actions. This article explains Personal Agility and […]

My Personal Scrum (RC1)

Update: This has been superseded by Release Candidate 2 How do I do Scrum if I have no team? — Participant at my last CSM class […]

Who should get Scrum Training?

“who needs Scrum Training? Basically everyone…” Scrum is a complete redefinition of how we coordinate complex work. It represents a major change in vales and mindset. […]

Why partner with Peter Stevens on Scrum?

I would not have believed that a three day training could have such a huge impact! Dear Reader, There are a lot of Scrum Courses and […]

Sprint Planning 1

What is the best possible step forwards? At the beginning of each sprint, the Scrum team and product owner negotiate the scope of the sprint. They […]

Skip the Daily Scrum? No Thank You!

A frequent question is whether it would be OK to make the Daily Scrum a Weekly Scrum? My answer: No way! The Daily Scrum exists to […]

How to Hold the Daily Scrum

Scrum is simple and Scrum is hard. The Daily Scrum is simple daily routine to help the team self-organize, focus, and identify and eliminate impediments to […]