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Towards a better burn down chart

One of the most important advancements of Scrum and XP compared to other frameworks is the use of a burn down chart rather than milestones to […]

Managing Scrum: The Right Tool for the Job

So what is the best tool for managing Scrum? Well, it depends. It depends on you and your situation. Michael Dubakov recently asked When is a […]

Managing Scrum: Traditional Project Management Software

From the moment I started working with Scrum until I wrote the quick poll on agile tool usage, it never even occurred to me to consider […]

Directory of Scrum Management Tools

Where do you find Scrum Management tools? Here are links to the suppliers mentioned in the poll on Scrum PM Tools: Tangible Tools (card, paper, wall) […]

Scrum Management Tool Poll Results: Moving Away From Cards?

The poll on Scrum / Agile tools usage was the most popular Scrum Breakfast poll to date — 100 responses, of which 63 were using a […]

Project Rescue at Internet Briefing

Carrot and Stick ( or “Zuckerbrot und Peitsche” ) is the title of my talk tomorrow at Reto Hartinger’s Internet Briefing Group on saving flagging projects. […]

What’s the difference between a Project Leader and a Scrum Master?

This is a serious question 😉 I just led a workshop for a medium size company which was considering (and is now planning) to start using […]

Managing Scrum with Dedicated Tools

…So we started hitting limitations using spreadsheets to manage the Scrum process. What did we look for in a dedicated tool? First we wanted to manage […]

Managing Scrum with Wiki and Office

For my first Scrum project, I consolidated all of the wish lists into one spreadsheet which became our product backlog. Initially, I had 4 columns: Name, […]