Scrum Infographics by Peter B. Stevens: Complex concepts made easily understandable. On Leadership, Scrum, Personal Agility and Contracting

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Infographics: complex concepts easily understandable

Infographics: complex concepts easily understandable


Fact-Driven Retrospectives (FDR)

How to improve your team with one picture and 16 questions. Your task board is a treasure trove of information about how your team works. Mine it for facts and insights in your next retrospective (or even sooner) to improve both the retro itself and its impact. I call this a fact-driven retrospective, and here’s how it works.

Scrum Product Owner Spotter’s Guide

Too many changes or too much work in the sprint? The root cause is often the Product Owner. Use this ‘Spotter’s Guide’ to see what kind of Product Owner you have, what the impact is, and whether your team needs an upgrade!