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Dimensions of Power: What can you influence, and how much?

How much power do you have in your organization? What dominates decisions in your company? Doing what’s best or political considerations? How strong is the influence […]

Success Factors in a Scrum Sprint

Last week, I posted a summary of the responses to my poll on scrum sprint success and story size. I also proposed a simple definition of […]

What is the optimal Story Size?

Last November, I started a quick poll on Story Size, Team Size, and Sprint Success. I wanted to explore that variables of team size, sprint duration, […]

Quick poll: How many stories in the sprint?

Recently I wrote that a good number of stories per sprint would be about 10 to 20 stories per sprint. A comment asked me the source, […]

Want A Scrum Course Near You?

The wave of people coming from Bern for yesterday’s Scrum Jumpstart course in Zürich, got me to thinking. Maybe there is a need for Scrum Training […]

The Product Owner is Part of the Team

The results are in: I asked whether product owner participates in the sprint retrospective. Despite the intensive debate on the scrum development list which led to […]

Quick Poll: Does the Product Owner Participate in Your Sprint Retrospective?

I thought the digression on the scrum development list about whether P-O’s attend Sprint Retrospectives was pretty interesting. I’m curious what teams really do. To that […]

Quick Poll: A Litmus Test for Agile Development

This summer, I asked how many teams are doing Scrum according to the minimal definitions of the Nokia Test. 74% of Scrum Teams responding are doing […]

Google’d ergo Sum

Traffic referred by Search Engines  scrum-breakfast.blogspot.com  June 16 to July 9, 2008 I can be google’d, therefore I exist. 12 days ago, google delisted my blog […]