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An invitation to join a learning consortium

As many of you know, I have been working with Steve Denning, author of Radical Management, unofficial speaker for the Drucker Forum, and Member of the […]

Scrum in a Creative Context

As a “creative” i.e. a designer of things and ideas, not software, is it possible to come to great results that fulfils wishes, excites and comes […]

Solving the Social Media Challenge

Delight the customer. Inspect and adapt. I’ve been teaching that for years. And I have been working on eebee, a feedback solution, to help anyone who […]

Change Management or Change Leadership?

I don’t like the the term “Change Management.” I think it is an oxymoron. Management implies control. Change implies chaos. These are diametric opposites. Change is […]

MasterClass Workshops: Taking Scrum to the Next Level

For years, I have been giving Scrum courses and workshops. These entry-level courses are, above all, eye openers! They introduce people to new ideas about how […]

Scrum and 5 Principles of Radical Management

Scrum is at the vanguard of a major shift in the management paradigm. The new paradigm is called Radical Management, based on Steve Denning’s book of […]

Want to talk about Radical Management?

Are you doing anything after work on Thursday?  Last month, Steve Denning and I held our first online conversation on how to make your company fit […]

An innovative workshop on radical management

In these three days (March 19-21 in Washington DC), you will discover how to use radical management to thrive in the 21st Century creative economy and […]

The Deadliest Sin of Change Leadership

InfoQ just published a wonderful interview with Sanjiv Augustine and Arlen Bankston on the 7 deadly sins of agile adoption. While I agree with everything Sanjiv […]