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Skip the Budgeting Process?

There was one last question at our webinar on Radical Management that still needs answering. Dan DiCamillo asked: Have you found a suitable replacement for (or […]

Questions and Answer from our Webinar on Radical Management

Yesterday, Steve Denning and I hosted a discussion about Radical Management. We had many more questions than we had time to answer, so here are answers […]

Zipcar smashed my enthusiasm

How should a company react to a customer’s suggestion? Since I am only staying 6 months in Washington, I don’t want to buy a car. Renting […]

From a Blame Culture to Fearless Trust

As a manager, you understand the second principle of Radical Management: your role is changing from being a controller of people to an enabler of teams. […]

Towards an ‘Agile Manifesto’ for Leadership at Stoos?

The Agile Manifesto has been the basis of a shared identity for software developers for over 10 years. A diverse group of people – the thought […]

#Stoos Looking for a Simple Framework for Applying Radical Management

“Scrum has been so successful because it is a simple framework that is easy to teach and easy to follow. A framework for general management needs […]

Announcing Radical Management Training

Radical Management TrainingDelighting The Customer Through Continuous Innovation with Steve Denning and Peter Stevens As a business leader, have you ever wondered what Steve Jobs did […]

Achieving Phase Change: Why is it so difficult to change management

In preparation for the #Stoos Gathering, we have been asking ‘Why is it so difficult to change management? While we are not the first to ask […]

Talk to me

The first suggestion for improvement in my poll on Swiss Banks was poll on Customer Delight was quite simple: “I wish they would talk to me.” […]