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Weekend ScrumMaster Course?

Every once in a while, I talk to a consulting company who says, “we really want to do Scrum, but our people work during the week […]

Call for Speakers – #LASZH 2012

The call for speakers is open for fourth Lean Agile Scrum Conference in Zurich on September 12. This year’s conference features keynote speakers Joe Justice (initiator […]

Scrum Breakfast Zurich:

Four years ago, I started the Scrum Breakfast in Zurich. As my tenure as moderator of the Scrum draws to a (temporary) close, I thought it […]

FAMOZ: Let’s treat project failures like airplane crashes

Whenever an airliner crashes, two questions demand answers: Who is responsible? — so we can punish them, sue them or put them in jail (or gain […]

Scrum Breakfast in October – Swisscom Project Vivo Casa

Last spring, I attended a Swisscom internal gathering of project leaders to present Scrum. There, I was stunned by the approach described in one the keynotes: […]

Scrum Breakfast April: Agile Leadership

A last minute reminder: It’s easy to start an Agile project. It’s hard to do it well. Siegfried (“Sigi”) Kaltenecker an experienced corporate coach has observed […]

Scrum in a Management Consulting Context

When the topics is hot, people will come. And so it was for the first Scrum Breakfast in Zurich this year. 38 people came to learn […]

Scrum Breakfast in Febraury, Scrum in Management Consulting

Scrum is having such a positive impact on the companies who do it that people outside of IT are taking note and trying out Scrum for […]

Reminder: Scrum Breakfast in December: Sammichlaus

Soon it will be Christmas, and Santa Clause will be making a stop in Altstetten and wants to hear some good IT stories: What have you […]