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Scrum Breakfast Zurich:

Four years ago, I started the Scrum Breakfast in Zurich. As my tenure as moderator of the Scrum draws to a (temporary) close, I thought it […]

Scrum Breakfast in October – Swisscom Project Vivo Casa

Last spring, I attended a Swisscom internal gathering of project leaders to present Scrum. There, I was stunned by the approach described in one the keynotes: […]

Scrum Breakfast July/Scrum @ Facebook

Facebook has set new records for growth: From 0 to 50 Million users in two years. Nothing demonstrates the need for speed, creativity and flexibility like […]

Scrum Breakfast June: A new management paradigm?

“In the 21st century, there will be two kinds of company. — Only two? — Only two: Those who delight their customers and those who do not. The former will flourish […]

Making your Company a Better Place

Welcome to the future! Fellow revolutionaries! We are here to change the world. This is an invitation to meet here again on May 12, 2021. By […]

Scrum Breakfast June: Agile Management

Radical Management, or a New Work Paradigm? Today, some companies are wildly successful at creating value and excitement for their customers. You can see it in […]

Scrum Breakfast May: Demo Driven Development

Meeting real deadlines is a hard and stressful job. It’s a job that typically eats all resources available because when the best way is known, it […]

Scrum Breakfast April: Agile Leadership

A last minute reminder: It’s easy to start an Agile project. It’s hard to do it well. Siegfried (“Sigi”) Kaltenecker an experienced corporate coach has observed […]

Scrum Breakfast March: Tips for Working Virtually

Virtual, distributed teams are becoming more and more commonplace, especially in the IT sector, where the necessary communications infrastructure is generally available. Wireless LANs are available […]