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Why Twitter is Struggling under Elon Musk

From the day Musk took over, it seemed Twitter was a house on fire. The Twitter take-over cost Elon Musk his allures of being a Tony Stark-like superhero. Why? Three factors stand out through their absence: Vision, Respect, and Confidence.

Navigating the Sales Process: Selling Your Services with Personal Agility

Use the PAS Sales Flow to turbocharge your sales process. Visualize the entire process to make clear when action is needed or something is stuck.

We were hacked!

Our WordPress-based web servers were hacked last week, and it was a harrowing experience. I learned the hard way, you need to make sure your website is secure and protected. Here are some tips from our experience that might help you keep your website safe.

Agility reaches for the stars

I am excited! Today SpaceX will attempt to launch Starship. Let’s explore how SpaceX demonstrates that agility works and how it challenges the precepts behind agility.

Four tips for better and fewer meetings

Are you tired of endless meetings? You’re not alone! Four tips for better and fewer meetings!

How much management is too much management?

Span of control is the ratio between managers and their direct reports. The table below estimates the span of control based on the size of the […]

The Mathematics of Personal Agility

On LinkedIn, I have seen a number of “math of” posts in which people present the math of happiness or to other things. This led me […]

The elephant in the Agile living room

The agile movement has no positive message to offer company leadership. Because Agile transformation is often not about things executives care about, these transformations are very […]

Deep-Dive into the Agile Contract Manifesto (Part 4/4)

The Agile Contract Manifesto is a guideline for establishing agile partnerships. It is a simple collection of values and principles that help people and organizations meet […]