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Top Project Risk Number 7: Dependencies, or Resource Risk

Will the people who are needed be available when they are needed? Many organizations are structured around skillsets or technology platforms, e.g. analyst, developer, tester or […]

Top Project Risk Number 8: Stakeholder Risk

Will the stakeholders change, or even just change their minds? Just before my team was scheduled to release the first version of the product, the client’s […]

Top Project Risk Number 9: Change Management Risk

Will changing requirements delay the project?    “We had been working on a new hardware-based product for six months. One day, the sponsor came in and […]

Top Project Risk Number 10: Bullshit Risk

Are you lying to yourselves about something important? “I am bidding on a tender. The client has put in requirements that we both know are physically […]

Five Also Rans – Product Development Risks That Can Kill Your Project!

“These are the only onesof which the news has come to Harvard.There may be many othersbut they haven’t been discovered.” – Tom Lehrer, The Elements While collecting […]

Top Ten Product Development Risks That Can Kill Your Project

Every project has some degree of risk. Every project is a leap of faith. Risk identification and mitigation start long before the contracts are signed. Some […]

What are they talking about? A glossary of Scrum and Agile terminology

What are they talking about? What is the difference between acceptance criteria and the definition of done? Every field has its own special vocabulary and agile […]

Recommendations for an Agile contract

A contract manages some risks but not all of them. More importantly, the contract defines the playing rules, which in turn drive people’s behavior.  What would […]

Joint Ventures

A marriage made in heaven…? Or hell?! Contracts are often about one party establishing control over the other party. What if two equal partners are collaborating […]