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New: Scrum bei uns Problem Solving Workshop. A one-day workshop to identify solutions to the hard impediments in your organization! Free together with a Certified Scrum Master course!

How am I going to make this work in my company?

This is the biggest question that fresh Scrum Masters have after the CSM course. To help you answer this question, we now offer a new one-day workshop “Scrum Problem Solving”.

Also known a ‘Scrum bei uns’ or “Scrum in our Context”, this workshop allows you to explore the challenges of doing Scrum in real life and identify possible solutions for your situation.

You can bring what ever topic you like, for example:

  • How to introduce Scrum
  • How to overcome resistance to change
  • Advanced Estimating Techniques
  • How to scale to big projects
  • How to handle distributed teams
  • Kanban or Scrum? Kanban and Scrum?
  • Engineering practices
  • Story writing workshop
  • How Refining the backlog
  • etc.

You will bring your topics and prioritize the discussion so the most important topics are addressed. When you leave the room, you will have a list of ideas to address your biggest impediments to adopting Scrum.

If you are working towards your Certified Scrum Professional or PMI Agile Certified Professional certifications, you quality of 8 PDUs or SEUs..

Best of all, if you took a public CSM course with Peter Stevens in 2014, it’s free. To sign up or for more information, jump to the course announcement!