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Don’t fight it, guide it

“What does wearing a mask select for?” This provocative question led me to rethink my view on wearing masks. I was really surprised when I realized […]

The Agile Contract Manifesto

We are uncovering better ways of aligning contracts with agile collaboration by doing it and helping others to do it. Through our work we have come […]

Introducing the Agile Contract Manifesto

Invitation to an Interactive Discussion with Peter Stevens, Mirko Kleiner and Karsten Eskelund Update: The Agile Contract Manifesto website is now live! You too can sign […]

Introducing the Chief Agility Officer

An Agile Transformation restructures the company to optimize for speed and value production. The Chief Agility Officer is accountable.

Beyond the Hero – Day 2 at the World Agility Forum

The World Agility Forum is a celebration of people and companies applying agility to further their goals, and a critical examination of the challenges facing modern […]

Learnings, Celebration, and a Call to Action at the World Agility Forum

Day one of the World Agility Forum (WAF) has been a day of rich learnings for anybody in business, leading a business or who wants to […]

You lost your job, now what?

It is hard to find a new job these days, especially when you don’t currently have one. It has gotten so easy to apply for a […]

Case Study: Finding the right job through focus, clarity and direction

Sara A. (name changed) started working with me while being supported by the regional unemployment office (“RAV” as it’s known here in Switzerland) in her efforts […]

How to pass the talking stick in Zoom

A classic tool to encourage collaboration in a team is the “talking stick.” This is a physical object that is passed from one person to the […]


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