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The 6 Powerful Questions of The Personal Agility System

The Personal Agility System is the simple framework I have been working on, to help people do more of what matters. What really matters? That’s a […]

Scrum Glossary: 62 Scrum Related Terms in 50 Words or Less (each)

In my Intense Certified Scrum Master training, we dive in right away with using Scrum to learn Scrum. People swim a bit at the beginning until […]

Questions and Answers from last week’s MasterClass Workshop

One of the improvements I made in my Scrum courses and workshops is I commit to answer or address all of the questions which come up. […]

How do I do #Stoos in my company?

Monday, Steve Denning and I held our Monthly Mashup webinar dedicated to the question, “What is Stoos?” If you haven’t followed the linkedin discussion, I urge […]

Questions and Answer from our Webinar on Radical Management

Yesterday, Steve Denning and I hosted a discussion about Radical Management. We had many more questions than we had time to answer, so here are answers […]