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Introducing the Chill Retrospective

Introducing the Chill Retrospective. Add downtime to your retros. Inspired by a time before airplanes had outlets and wifi.

Eight Warning Signs of Too Much Multitasking

Eight Warning Signs of Too Much Multitasking: A What-Really-Matters Infographic.

Eight Common Obstacles to Achieving Your Goals

Eight Common Obstacles to Achieving Your Goals. A What-Really-Matters Infographic

Why Twitter is Struggling under Elon Musk

From the day Musk took over, it seemed Twitter was a house on fire. The Twitter take-over cost Elon Musk his allures of being a Tony Stark-like superhero. Why? Three factors stand out through their absence: Vision, Respect, and Confidence.

Navigating the Sales Process: Selling Your Services with Personal Agility

Use the PAS Sales Flow to turbocharge your sales process. Visualize the entire process to make clear when action is needed or something is stuck.

Focus is Key: How to Manage Your Week for Maximum Impact in a Sales Process

Managing my week has always been a challenge, especially when it comes to sales. Focus is key, and waiting is a pain. Here is how I apply the Personal Agility System to maximize my sales impact.

Increase Company Productivity by 40%?

Increase company productivity by 40 to 50%? Easy. Cancel all your meetings, then be intentional about the meetings you reintroduce. Shopify just delivered the proof. From […]

How to Define Your Dream Job

Imagine your dream job… and that someone is looking for you to fill that role! Read on for nine factors that make it easier for your dream job to find you!

How to Write a Compelling Case Study

A good case study is true, authentic, believable, and compelling. Your prospective client feels the impact of your collaboration.