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Two Perspectives on What Really Matters

What really matters (to you)? Here are two perspectives on the answer. What you do makes you who you are. Your choices decide what you do, so you can change, just by making different choices. What are your priorities?

Leadership Development Program with Personal Agility

Leadership for all levels of the Organization. LDP, the Leadership Development Program with PAS, enables you to achieve what agility promises: better results, better alignment, better responsiveness, and less stress.

Why Twitter is Struggling under Elon Musk

From the day Musk took over, it seemed Twitter was a house on fire. The Twitter take-over cost Elon Musk his allures of being a Tony Stark-like superhero. Why? Three factors stand out through their absence: Vision, Respect, and Confidence.

Focus is Key: How to Manage Your Week for Maximum Impact in a Sales Process

Managing my week has always been a challenge, especially when it comes to sales. Focus is key, and waiting is a pain. Here is how I apply the Personal Agility System to maximize my sales impact.