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How many people do you need in your team?

How big should your team be? It depends on what your goal is. In my classes, I have been showing the relationship between project size, cost […]

The Three Faces of Done

How can you expect me to test it if it’s not done?! I hear this question a lot from people just starting out with Scrum. What […]

12 Tips for Product Owners who want better performance from their Scrum Teams

As Product Owner, I want better performance from my Scrum team. Jeff Sutherland observed that teams in the 95th percentile were 10 times more productive than […]

How do I do #Stoos in my company?

Monday, Steve Denning and I held our Monthly Mashup webinar dedicated to the question, “What is Stoos?” If you haven’t followed the linkedin discussion, I urge […]

Remembering Heaven

A Respectful Approach to Introducing Scrum (or some other framework). At the Lean Agile Scrum Conference in Zurich, David Anderson explained the basic approach of Kanban: […]

How we do a retrospective

I consider the retrospective to be the most underrated meeting in the Scrum Flow. Since it is not about the concrete results of the project, there […]

How we do Sprint Zero

Today, a reader of my newsletter asked me, What is the purpose of Sprint Zero? A colleague of mine argued that during Sprint Zero, the team […]

How we do Sprint Planning 2

Many people think Sprint Planning 2 (the second half of the Sprint Planning meeting) is just about creating and estimating the list of tasks for the […]