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How we do Sprint Zero

Today, a reader of my newsletter asked me, What is the purpose of Sprint Zero? A colleague of mine argued that during Sprint Zero, the team […]

Quick Poll: How long to sprint?

Following the discussions both elsewhere and on this blog about how long to sprint, the questions poses itself – what is the preferred sprint duration? I’ve […]

Why fixed length sprints?

One common question for people new to Scrum is, “why should the length of the sprint be fixed?” What harm does it do to extend a […]

Sprint Zero

When I joined the project, we had just finished a release, but didn’t have a clear definition of what to do next. So the developers were […]

Really Getting Started

“… and do exactly what he [Ken Schwaber] says.“ Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it is, and it isn’t. And mostly it’s not. But the Ken […]