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The Sprint Contract

Working with Scrum, I have found the metaphor of a “sprint contract” to be helpful in understanding the relationship between Product Owner and Development Team, and […]

Eight Strategies for Achieving the Scrum Sprint Commitment

I just finished leading an in-house Scrum Product Owner course with a group of 6 actual or future product owners. One of their most pressing issues […]

Why fixed length sprints?

One common question for people new to Scrum is, “why should the length of the sprint be fixed?” What harm does it do to extend a […]

Handling a Good Sprint Gone Bad

I was recently confronted with a sprint dilemma: At the start the sprint, the team committed to delivering a certain amount of functionality within the defined […]

It’s Done! (or is it?)

A few weeks ago, jp pointed me to an interesting article about the various levels of done: “A feature is not “done” until all of the […]