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How many people do you need in your team?

How big should your team be? It depends on what your goal is. In my classes, I have been showing the relationship between project size, cost […]

Why are you doing Scrum?

I am often asked questions like, “What do I do in Scrum when my team is spread across three locations?” My answer is usually something like, […]

What is the Agile Way to Adopt Agile?

Pearl Zhu just posted an interesting question on the Stoos linkedin group. “What is the agile way to adopt agile?” Her answer did not resonate much with […]

Tackle your organization impediments with 59 minute sprints!

As a comment on “How much do you let a new team self organize?” IanJ asked Why are 59-Minute Scrums cool and what are they good […]

On the road to high performance teams

I have been thinking about continuing education for Scrum Masters. The objective of a Scrum Master is to create a high performance team, which is in […]

Getting Starting on #POcampCH — the Product Owner Camp Switzerland

Today, the organization team for the first Product Owner Camp in Switzerland, held its first telco. Here is what we decided: Our target date is March […]

How much do you let a new team self organize?

I have a team of 11 developers and 3 Product Owners. Their ideas about how to organize the team are all over the place. Some want […]

Pair & Share – a simple technique for Sprint Planning

How do you get the team to plan tasks effectively? The second half of sprint planning is often a challenge for teams starting Scrum. It used […]

Why partner with Peter Stevens on Scrum?

I would not have believed that a three day training could have such a huge impact! Dear Reader, There are a lot of Scrum Courses and […]