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What does it take to be a good Scrum Trainer…

… and, who would like some kind of training to help become one? The Doctor: Am I a good man?Clara: I don’t know. But I think […]

Tackle your organization impediments with 59 minute sprints!

As a comment on “How much do you let a new team self organize?” IanJ asked Why are 59-Minute Scrums cool and what are they good […]

New: CSPO Courses in Zurich

I am pleased to once again offer a Certified Scrum Product Owner courses in Zurich.  (see my CSPO Course Description). I have always been an entrepreneur at […]

Announcing Radical Management Training

Radical Management TrainingDelighting The Customer Through Continuous Innovation with Steve Denning and Peter Stevens As a business leader, have you ever wondered what Steve Jobs did […]

3 Player Ball Point Game

The Ball Point Game (or Tennis Ball Factory, as I like to call it) is one of the most popular games for learning Scrum. This game […]

Scrum Course Review

Last year I had the privilege of training 91 people in Scrum and Agile Project Management. Two in-house courses and five public courses, including a Certified […]

Scrum Courses for Teams & Early Adopters

This fall I will be offering two public courses on Scrum, both in Zurich, Switzerland (Schweiz) and in German, a revised Agile Project Management with Scrum […]

Scrum Course Retrospective: Team Training Rocks!

Last Week I held two open courses on Scrum: Agile Project Management with Scrum and Scrum Sprint Zero. Both took place here in beautiful downtown Zurich, […]

Scrum Certification: What’s it worth?

In response to my article, Scrum Alliance Quietly Changes Certified Scrum Trainer Requirements, an anonymous poster wrote: Any self-respecting developer will laugh at this certification program […]