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Product Owners can make decisions, can’t they?

Product Owners, do you have the necessary authority to do your job? What status in the company do you need to be able to make decisions about the product?

Developers in Scrum

In Scrum, Developers have all the skills and authority to create the product and are leadership roles

Becoming the invaluable Scrum Master

A simple guide for Scrum Masters to making yourself invaluable to your team and stakeholders!

Make Scrum Work For You!

Turn you Scrum Project Into a Joy to work in... and create great products, sooner! Check out Inside the Scrum Team for how Scrum is intended to work!

Five Steps to Defeat Dependencies

Here is five step process to get your dependencies out of the way, so you can move forward, faster.

Meetings Magnify Multitasking

Bureaucracy is the missing waste. Switching costs are not enough to explain the productivity losses due to multitasking, but bureaucracy could. Here is why

3 Tips to Beat Multitasking

Multitasking is evil because it kills your performance. Three reasons why multitasking is hurts your performance, and three tips for dealing with it and being more efficient at work.

Good Meetings FAQ

Are meetings always bad? 👉 Of course not. Still they are expensive… Here is my Meetings FAQ to help you have fewer and better meetings.

Peter’s Protocols for Sustainable Meetings

You can get your meetings under control. Try these meeting protocols for more energy and effectiveness in your team.