Personal Agility (PAS) Infographics by Peter B. Stevens: Complex concepts made easily understandable. On Leadership, Scrum, Personal Agility and Contracting

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Infographics: complex concepts easily understandable

Infographics: complex concepts easily understandable


Two Perspectives on What Really Matters

What really matters (to you)? Here are two perspectives on the answer. What you do makes you who you are. Your choices decide what you do, so you can change, just by making different choices. What are your priorities?

Escaping the Procrastination Zone

"You're navigating through another dimension, whose axes are not only labeled with urgent and important but are overlaid with desires and fears; a voyage through a perplexing realm where deadlines loom and aspirations flicker. There’s a signpost up ahead - your next exit? How do you leave... the Procrastination Zone?"

Collective Intelligence Workshops

Agile Leadership and Decision-Making for Executives. Collective Intelligence Workshops unleash the power of your organization to align and decide on a course of action in the face of complex challenges and complex politics.

Ten Tools for Better Meetings

The primary vehicle of managerial work is conversation. Too many meetings are ineffective. A few people dominate. Many people are checked out. Results are sub-optimal. Here are ten facilitation techniques to get more engagement and better results from your meetings.